The Comeback We’ve Called For

08.22.16 - 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

When an automaker brings back a vehicle after a long hiatus it’s often met with celebration and expectations of what the vehicle used to be. That might not be what we want to have when Jeep brings back one of the long gone but most admired names that have been part of its history. We’ve already been told the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will both come back to the Jeep brand but you shouldn’t expect to have the wooden sides and 1970s look that were a huge part of the signature look of these two vehicles, instead we will see something more.

Currently the lineup from Jeep stops at the Grand Cherokee. While this is a fantastic SUV and you can trim it out in the Summit trim and have one of the most luxury laden SUVs on the market it’s still not as large or imposing as a Chevrolet Suburban, Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Ford Expedition. In order to put more into the lineup at the top Jeep has decided to bring back two names we want to enjoy and add two new vehicles to the lineup around 2019 in the form of the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer.

We can expect these two new vehicles to be built at first on the next generation of the Grand Cherokee platform, but as sales increase and these names catch on once again I would imagine Jeep would give them their own platform to be larger than what we currently have. There may be several questions surrounding the resurrection of these two lauded names, but no answers are given at the moment except to let us know that these will be two separate vehicles, not just trim levels of the Grand Cherokee or even of each other.

After over twenty years on the shelf, with the last version of the Grand Wagoneer rolling of the line in 1991 we can once again enjoy luxury from Jeep. Imagine being able to purchase a Grand Wagoneer in the Summit or Overland trim and enjoy not only the added space but all the luxury amenities that are included as well. These two new but old names carry a certain clout in the automotive world which puts the pressure on FCA to create two new top of the lineup vehicles that are perfect for those looking for an awesome luxury off roading vehicle from Jeep.

Will either of these two have the Hellcat engine under the hood? It’s hard to say considering the Trailhawk hasn’t made its official appearance yet and gone on sale, but if 707 horsepower is used to haul around either of these large beasts you can be sure they will be tuned for the task and give us gaudy examples of what Jeep can do when given one of the most impressive engines on the market. The news of two new Jeeps that will sit above the Grand Cherokee is intriguing to me and something I will watch closely as it comes to be.

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