Coming Back Around for Another Try

10.21.16 - Fisker Logo

Fisker Automotive was mired with the thought of not being able to produce the Fisker Karma in a way that would make the company profitable and sustainable. Henrik Fisker has been around and down this road many times and the Fisker name does carry a specific amount of weight in the automotive industry, unfortunately whenever he tries to build a car on his own it seems to be a losing case. Hopefully his new venture won’t be quite the same result for him, but his recent announcements don’t give us any reason to believe otherwise.

Now Fisker feels he can bring an EV supercar to market that will offer us something new that we haven’t had yet. While it appears he has been working from behind the scenes for the past two years, Fisker says he’s ready to come back into the light and share with us what his new vehicle and the new technology will be, but not until sometime next year. The idea is to unveil a successor to the Fisker Karma that will give his company and his vision a rebirth of success and make it possible for the entire world to eventually enjoy what he has to offer.

What has Henrik Fisker promised? He has promised a premium vehicle with will have an EV range on a single charge of 400 miles or more. Currently he says that is organization has the technology to do this and will have it ready for us to view, hopefully at an auto show, sometime in the next year. This car will certainly carry a high price tag, but Fisker has promised that after the premium vehicle is on the market he will also offer a lower cost EV that may come in at the $40,000 range that will carry the name, although no word has been given as to whether or not this lower priced model will have the same 400 mile range.

Because EV technology has been developing so quickly this is the market Fisker feels he can enter and be successful. The idea is to make both cars sporty and spacious for us to enjoy the ride and the new technology that will be present on these cars. Fisker has even gone as far as to state that his team has been working in the dark because he didn’t want to be tied to a large organization that would hold him back.

The new company name for his new cars to launch from will be called Fisker, Inc. and the battery division that’s supposed to have all the tech that no one else has is to be called Fisker Nanotech. As the new technology is developed at UCLA, it will be up to Fisker to prove the tech is real and then make it available for sale to an OEM. The logos will remain the same as before, but Fisker has a lot to prove if he wants to make believers out of the automotive industry with statements that he has a 400 mile car that’s an EV; I guess we’ll find out later in 2017 when he makes his next appearance.

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