Have You Considered a Diesel for Your Family Hauler?

01.27.17 - Jeep Grand Cherokee

Most of us look toward gasoline powered vehicles as the models we choose when it comes time for our family ride. Whether it’s a FWD sedan, a minivan or an SUV we tend to gravitate toward those that tend to give us the fuel mileage and price we’re looking for, but maybe the long haul is what you should consider. The history of diesel engines has been that these vehicles are typically more apt to last longer and give us the power and efficiency we want over time. One model in particular is the Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel which is perfect for you and your entire family.

While we know all about the Grand Cherokee in many forms, the diesel model is one that we’ve loved for years and the current version of the Grand Cherokee has been around since 2011. The diesel model is one that makes a difference in power and performance for you so that you can have not only a glorious vehicle that feels right, but have the powertrain which can perform when you need it to, this makes for a great balance in the vehicle that you’re driving.

Imagine driving around in your Grand Cherokee and you see a great deal on a boat, a pair of jet skis or on a trailer that could be perfect for your next great adventure. With the standard gasoline engine you might not have the hauling capacity to handle the load, but with the diesel engine you won’t be left out of the fun or have to buy a different vehicle to have the fun you want. The 3.0-liter V6 engine provides you with 240 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque to give you more power than you would ever expect from this gorgeous SUV.

Even if you don’t need the diesel engine for hauling, you can enjoy the fact that you know you have a great ride and can enjoy the fun in the outdoors with the Grand Cherokee and the diesel engine. This is the perfect vehicle to handle the trails and take the family out to the trails and destinations you can find all over the country. This SUV has the capability with its 4WD system to give you the power and performance you want whether the trail is a tough one with tons of obstacles or a light trail with the easy to drive course to your destination.

While taking great adventures in your Grand Cherokee sounds like fun, you will most likely not drive off the road most of the time. The diesel powered model of this SUV brings you 21 city/28 hwy mpg and offers you a luxury laden cabin, a feeling of an SUV that’s more expensive than this one really is and the ability to handle the road with ease. This is an SUV you can be confident in and have the ride you’ve been searching for when you want something that will check off all the boxes for you.

Are you the right customer for the Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel? If you’re looking for a vehicle with the versatility to haul, carry, travel and perform, this is the one for you. This SUV has the space you need, the power you want, the ability that’s right and the look that is perfect for you. Let the Grand Cherokee with the diesel engine be the right vehicle for you. With the versatility, cargo space and perfect ride for you this is the SUV that will provide you with the equipment you want to enjoy on the road.

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