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04.07.17 - Tire Inspection

You might not think about them until you realize they need to be changed, but you do need to pay attention to your tires and brakes on a regular basis. If you drive a high performance car and take it out for a fast run on a regular basis this should be a habit for you, but if you simply do your normal daily driving you need to check these items on a regular basis as well. Here are some of the various things you need to be aware of when it comes to your tires and brakes that will help you avoid having problems in the future.

Proper Inflation – Your tires are going to work best if you follow the proper air pressure guidelines and stay within the range given for your tires. Having under inflated tires causes more friction which wears them down faster and overinflation does just the opposite. You need to keep your tires properly inflated and check them at least once a month.

Tire Wear – Whenever you’re checking the tire pressure go ahead and look at the wear patterns of your tires. If you notice one of your tires is wearing differently than the rest you need to take the vehicle in to have the wheels aligned properly. Let your mechanic figure out why you have uneven tire wear and help you fix this problem as soon as you notice it.

Tread Depth – Your tread should be at a visible depth. As you’re inspecting the tire wear and air pressure you can take a penny out and put it upside down in the treads of your tires. If the tread isn’t deep enough to cover the head of Abraham Lincoln you need to have your tires replaced because they won’t provide the optimal performance you need.

Bulges and Bubbles – When your tire impacts a pothole you could end up with a bulge or a bubble in the tire which can cause serious problems. The result is a torn inner lining that allows air to leak into the outer casing of the tire and it can result in a bursting of the tire. If you see any bulges or bubbles, you need to replace that tire right away.

Punctures – Every so often you may end up with a piece of something that punctures your tire. When it’s a nail or screw you might be able to get it out and use a plug or patch to handle the problem, but if the hole is larger than one-quarter of an inch you need to take it to a tire specialist to see if the tire needs to be replaced.

Squealing BrakesYour brakes are equipped with a metal item that lets you know you need to change the brakes. This item is in place to warn you of this need before you have a serious problem that could damage your car. If your brakes are squealing, it’s time to have them changed before you damage the rotor and need to replace that part as well.

Pulsating Pedal – This is caused by rotors that have become warped over time. If you have a high-performance sports car this can happen often as the brakes become overheated and cause the rotors to become warped. If your brake pads can’t get a solid grip on the rotor this is the result and changing the rotors should fix the problem.

Pulling Car – When you push on the brakes if your vehicle pulls in one direction or the other there could be a collapsed brake line or a caliper that’s stuck. This is a dangerous situation and one that must be repaired right away before your brakes completely give out on you and cause you to crash into another vehicle.

Spongy Pedal – If your pedal feels spongy or stays in a low position you probably have a leak in the brake line that needs to be repaired. this leak could result in a loss of brake fluid which would then allow air or water in and have a lower pressure than needed when the braking. This system is supposed to be sealed off and has no leaks if you have a leak or spongy pedal you need to have it checked.

Brake Light- Make sure this light is working. Even if your brakes are working perfectly you need to have lights to allow others to see that you’re stopping. Check these bulbs when you perform your monthly tire inspection and you’re going to have a much easier time handing the challenges you face on the road.

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