Cooling to Heat Up

Magnus Walker

Which cooling system is best? Do you prefer your car air cooled or water cooled? Many car shoppers don’t even think about the distinction or difference and since a majority of us drive commuter cars to and from the workplace it really doesn’t matter until it’s time for a high powered sports car to get a treatment that will truly unleash its capabilities. Until this time, a majority of us are content to be quietly going about our lives mostly not knowing what makes our car go and how it could actually go much faster and offer more power.

On the flip side of this coin, there is a group that builds cars that are as unique as they get and offer a specific performance item, a special air cooling system. This group is SharkWerks and the main culprit is Magnus Walker who is well known for building air-cooled Porsches and putting them in vintage style Porsche bodies to both perform and look absolutely amazing. For some time now, Porsche has used a water filled cooling system for all its models and offered the standard and “legal” Porsche offerings that carry huge performance numbers for owners to take pleasure in.

Magnus Walker takes the water cooling out of the Porsche and retools it to be air cooled, which is unfortunately not legal for these cars. By doing this, he is able to pull a huge amount of power from the car, well beyond what it had by being water cooled and he has found his own version of haters in the P-car community who would much rather see the Porsche left alone. With this in mind, these retooled Porsches have been tagged as “outlaw” vehicles, which only give them even more appeal to a majority of super car lovers.

You might think Walker was building these cars for a high-end client list that wanted to race these cars, but the simple reality was they were built to satisfy his own interests and tastes, which is another seriously attractive quality of these awesome cars. Most of the time Walker does not put his talents to use on a modern 911, but he chose to give it a try by changing a 911 GT2 which now shows off with 775 horsepower and is 100 pounds lighter than the stock water-cooled model. That by itself is undeniable power that really sends a message of how to bring performance to the Porsche line, as if it needed more.

Another interesting note, Walker and the SharkWerks team were invited to Jay Leno’s Garage to show off their Porsche and let Leno have a ride inside, which he agreed was an awesome, high-powered performance experience. Taking a water-cooled car and making it air-cooled takes a ton of skill and engineering, which Magnus Walker and the team at SharkWerks seem to be more than capable of handling. Hopefully this will be the start of the rest of the world seeing some SharksWerks powered Porsche 911’s on the road that will be more powerful and lighter than the current versions.

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