Do Dealerships Really Need A Landing Page?

Car Dealer Landing Pages

Dealerships have been hearing the do’s and don’ts of not only social media, but best practices when it comes to their websites as well as external pages. It has conventionally been stated that landing pages are a necessity, but are they truly still needed in today’s online marketing strategy? The answer? Of course you do, but are your dealership’s landing pages effective? This is the real question. The goal of these landing pages are obviously get a consumer to buy instantly, but more likely your pages will convert traffic into leads by convincing them to “share” their information with you, but is your dealership doing a good job?

So how do you create an effective landing page? Follow these simple tips:

  • Keep your landing pages simple. Don’t distract customers from the message with fancy designs.
  • Use images that are relevant to the vehicle or products/services your customers are looking to purchase.
  • Don’t “Require” too much information for a customer to receive the information they are looking for. This is frustrating to customers. You can however offer more fields so that if the customer chooses to they can complete them.
  • Don’t offer unwanted navigation on your landing page. Your goal should be to get them to click on the call to action or submit button.
  • Use bullet points to display your content so it is easy to read.

Be sure to measure your landing pages for effectiveness and make changes when necessary. Also, be sure to create separate landing pages for different ad campaigns so you can measure which message works best. Always incorporate SEO in your landing pages just as you would for your primary dealership website. Make sure your landing pages are dynamic and not “canned” pages that you can repeatedly use. Do this will not be effective for your SEO efforts and you will see slim results.

If in doubt, there are several marketing companies in the automotive industry that can help you with your landing pages to make sure they are giving you the most bang for your buck. No one wants to spend money on a campaign that is not giving you good results. Sometimes if you feel that you are in over your head, it is more cost effective to employ the help of a seasoned industry professional and get a better ROI than you could by doing it alone.