Your Dream Car is a Responsibility

Dream Car Responsibility

The car that you want to drive, the one that you’ve dreamed about more than once, had posters of in your room as a teenager or in your garage, is a car that brings you the joy and the responsibility to see it perform at its best. For many of us, the car we’ve always dreamed about is one that’s part of a bygone era and possibly even a rarity on the market today. When you do find your dream car, there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to what that car represents.

For one man, the dream car was the 1987 Buick Grand National that he saw perform a burnout in the middle of the street when he was a kid. This was all it took to get him hooked on this beast of the blacktop that could easily tear up the road and become the car that he would purchase years later. Because of the age of the car and the fact it had been off the market for a long time when this many finally purchased his Grand National on eBay, it came with a lot of baggage and an amazing story.

The original owner of the Buick had passed away four years earlier and it had been his pride and joy. This original owner had raced and showed off the car as a model that was rare and glorious. After sitting for four years, the family finally decided to sell it , which is how our new owner was able to secure the price and the bid on eBay to have this car is the one he chose to enjoy and drive even though it had sat around for a long time without being so much as started.

The new owner took possession of the Grand National and worked on it to replace nearly everything that needed to be changed out including the gas tank which was full of rust, dirt and sludge. Once he was done fixing up the car, the car became a machine that he is proud to drive and show off to as many people as want to see this gorgeous machine. This is a car that certainly demands a look and commands a presence on the road when you see it and after fixing it up this is a car that has won prizes at car shows.

The additional responsibility of the new owner is to the family of the original owner. They knew how much their departed and beloved family member enjoyed the Grand National over the years and ask about the car from time to time. This puts the additional responsibility to take care of the car and keeps it running right on the new owner, which he gladly obliges with pictures and stories that the family can enjoy. This dream car had a story to begin with and the new owner has taken his responsibility seriously by ensuring the story can continue with this car that he loves and cares for every day.

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