Dreamin’ and Crusin’

Woodward Dream Cruise

Each year car enthusiast get together in Detroit to cruise the Woodward Dream Cruise and show off their custom made vehicles.  Some are older models that are older versions that have been tweaked others are simply the creation of the great imagination of the creators themselves.  The only thing that seems to be consistent and fitting in this Detroit cruise is the display of amazing V8 muscle to power these brutes.  What else could be better than a sunny Summer Saturday drive in a car of your own creation in the city that America loves to call home for the Big Three automakers and is the capital of automotive dominance.  Let’s look at some of the offerings and what made them interesting.

Chromed Out Hummer H2 – There is some chrome on this baby, then there is some more.  Actually the whole vehicle is bathed in chrome to the point you would swear it has been dipped in all at once.  This amazing offering can as a giant disco ball or be the bathroom mirror for over 100 women at one time.

Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab from the 1960s – This powerful truck certainly brought back memories and offered a look we haven’t seen in a long time.  This was a restoration of love and size that made for an attractive and fully functional cruise down the road.  This beauty even showed a huge steel bumper with a winch just in case someone else got themselves in to trouble along the way.

Donks Keep on Cruisin’ – One in particular was a classic Cadillac that sat high on large wheels with thin tires that was painted bright yellow.  During this cruise it would have been impossible to ignore and showed off some of the hydraulic action that makes Donks so much fun to look at and appreciate, even if you don’t like them.

A Show of Force – A Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle joined the show at Woodward and certainly drew some great cheers from the crowd.  Even though you aren’t driving this vehicle for on the streets it’s cool to see and understand exactly what is going into battle and offering some of the protections needed for our troops.

Dune King – a custom built Dune Buggy that would be more at home on the streets of Baja made an appearance and took this cruising ride.  It might be really cool to check under the hood or take a ride because V8 power seems like a lot for a dune buggy which might just be a lot more fun than you would have bargained for.

Tonka Truck – For those who are still kids at heart, which is most of us, this massive full size dump truck that has been painted to look like a Tonka truck was a hit for all kids and parents alike to see.  This F-750 packed in the power from a 330 horsepower and 725 lb.-ft. of torque diesel engine while standing nearly ten feet in height.

Police Speed – This offered a look at a Police designed hot rod that was like a mullet haircut in reverse.  With all the business from the cab back and the fun up front this little hot rod offered a great show and let you see the creativity of the Police Force from Troy, MI.

Time Machine – The DeLorean DMC-12 was made more famous in the Back to the Future series and someone brought one to the show.  The best part of this awesome time machine replica was the owner dressing the part of Doc Brown to give the onlookers a great show which was certainly cheered for with enthusiasm.

El Camino on Steroids – Fix up and El Camino and many are going to stop and stare anyway, lift one up on huge tires and a massive body lift kit and you get a vehicle that can be marveled at on any road.  This huge vehicle looked more like a truck than a car, which the El Camino was both and it certainly gave the owner a great vantage point to do his driving.

A Toy Firebird – This car took the idea of being a toy farther than you might ever expect, but it certainly was interesting as it was covered, inside and out with sticky candy and action figures to give the look of fun on the outside as much as it has always been on the inside.

This was certainly a fun cruise to witness and if you have the chance, head up to Detroit for the event some time.  The creativity and imagination on display is simple awesome and gives you an idea of what we still can do when we put our minds to it.  For me, I want a lollipop off the Toy Firebird to get my sugar high on.

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