Either a Go-Cart on Steroids or Simply an Exciting Track Ready Sports Car

Ariel Atom 3.5R

The Ariel Atom 3.5R looks like a go-cart that many of us would have wanted to build as kids had we been blessed with an unlimited budget and a lot of know how. It is in fact one of the lightest weight vehicles on the road and with a 350 horsepower engine and a total weight without a driver and fuel of only 1210 pounds this monster has one of the lowest weight per horsepower ratios on the road and the result is simply amazing.

The 3.5R isn’t even the most powerful of the Ariel models with the V8 model having 125 more horsepower and the 3S having 15 more this model has the best weight ratio which gives it a huge advantage. The 3.5R is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder supercharged Honda engine in the European model and a 2.4-liter in for the US model. This phenomenal engine is attached to an excellent Sadev sequential transmission to let the shifting be smooth and powerful at the same time. With all this power and great weight ratio, Ariel has made the claim that this is the fastest Atom on a twisty road thus far, making for a fantastic drive for anyone looking for some serious driving excitement.

Once seated in the Atom, you will find yourself surrounded only by the birdcage roll cage and strapped in securely by a six-point harness. This easy access allows you to feel all of the great speed passing through your hair and get the full force of being whipped around by the amazing suspension and steering that easily takes care of every twist and turn that can be tossed its way.

With the amazing power/weight ratio aboard you might think this beast can’t be taken on a regular road for a drive, but Ariel has made sure this can and is a street legal road monster. The tires underneath don’t look like they would hold a turn and might be too slick for any grip, but they actually have a ton of grip and keep this powerful performer stuck to the pavement under just about any driving conditions.

The control features and shifting will take a little getting used to in the Atom, which can be part of the fun for you if you have the patience for it. With paddle shifters on the steering wheel a clutch pedal looks odd, but the clutch is for shifting under harsher driving conditions where the paddle shifters won’t get the job done. Along with these interesting control features the open air feel makes the Atom a difficult drive when the weather is not cooperative, but for those adventure seekers among us, the drive in the rain might be ideal.

If it’s a grown up go-cart you are looking for the Ariel Atom has several to choose from to have a lot of fun and enjoy serious power and driving fun in a car that is built for adults to have as much or more fun than the kids. The Atom is ready to show off how this power/weight ratio works for you, are you ready to enjoy the ride?

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