Even After Seven Years the A8 Looks Amazing

05.09.16 - 2016 Audi R8

You can often tell when an automaker is done working with a particular model. They tend to try and bleed every last bit of sales out of the model until they see they can’t get anything else from it, then there is a one year offering of a single trim that is packed full of everything that made that model great for many years. Not only do you see the development drop when it’s an older version of a vehicle but you also see less advertising for the car than before, making it more profitable and less of a drain on the numbers.

Because the Audi A8 has been around since 2010 and was refreshed just a few short years later you might think this car was done and would eventually be put to pasture and replaced with either a new version or just by the A7. That isn’t the case at all with the A8 though, this is a car that has the style, performance and grace to stand the test of time while offering the full-size luxury sedan that more who shop in this part of the market desire. The A8 isn’t dying, it’s far from the grave and ready to continue to showcase its wares for you.

While I say this car is far from done, Audi is working on their next version of the model at the top of the lineup and if you want an A8 you need to realize you will have to buy the long wheelbase model. For 2016 the short version has disappears as well as the TDI diesel engine version which leaves only the A8L that can be had with either a six, eight or twelve-cylinder engine. The choice that might be right for you is the 4.0T A8 which brings in the V8 engine and offers what you need.

This 4.0T A8 is given a Sport designation, as are all the cars that carry this engine now, and it’s a great car for you to drive with the power you want and the performance you need. What powers this car is a 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 that adds 15 more horsepower than it had before to give you a full 450 horses under the hood. The Sport designation is something that you might really enjoy because it brings in a more aggressive front and rear to give you a meaner looking car on the road.

Did this car really need to have more power? That’s like asking if we really need the air we breathe, of course it needed more power and now it will give you a large car that can reach sixty mph in only 3.9 seconds, which is blistering fast. Heading to the quarter-mile mark will take only 12.4 seconds and even though this ls a large car with a long wheelbase these numbers are much better than the BMW 750i xDrive which can reach sixty mph in 4.4 seconds.

While inside the A8L you will never know this car can perform in this manner unless you are the driver. No matter what part of the rev range you’re on the noise barely ever enters the cabin and the speed is achieved with little to no drama and certainly with excellent performance. Those sitting in the rear seats may never suspect you are tearing up the road in large luxury sedan as they enjoy the heating, cooling and massaging features of the rear seats. This is a car that absolutely is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it can rival many high performance machines but is a sophisticated and elegant sedan to carry around VIPs and top level clients in.

While it does offer a bit more style than the models that don’t carry the Sport designation, it’s not overtly sporty. This allows the A8L to keep its staunch audience happy knowing they are in a luxury car that is made for luxury, not one that will do silly things like beat track records. Little do they know, but if you do want to make a statement with a car that offers a sportier appearance, the A7, S7 and RS7 might make a better choice.

Now we know about the power and the quiet ride and we’ve discussed how luxurious this car can be, but what about when it needs to make a turn? How well does this car corner or turn and will it toss the passengers about the cabin if you need or want to make a sharp change of course? The steering of this large vehicle is light and responsive to give you precision control. The body motion is dispelled by the balancing the car offers as it appears to float on air around corners. The vision out of this car is easy to see and enjoy and you won’t feel like it’s a massive 4,672 beast, but one that feels much lighter in your hands.

While the front and rear have been updated, the interior has not. Does this mean the A8L is a bit dated? Sure it does, but that dating only goes back a few years and it gives you an interior that has the features and feel you want to enjoy. This is where Audi did choose to leave the A8 alone and for good reason, there is no reason to mess with something that works and Audi has been blessed with offering the best interiors on the market for some time now.

Is the A8L right for you? If you shop in the six figure price range for your car and you want a large luxury sedan that could quickly get you where you need to go, this is the car for you. Yes, this car will probably never make it to the track, you don’t want to risk a wreck in this beast, but it certainly can give you a lot of driving enjoyment when you drive it yourself and impressive comfort when you hire a driver and show off your A8L Sport to your high-end clients.

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