Have You Ever Heard of the Nissan Micra?

11.10.16 - Nissan Micra

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve never heard of the Nissan Micra because this car has never been sold in the US. This is a car that fits in the subcompact segment of the world and is sold in Europe and in Canada, but this car just might make its way to our Nissan dealers in the US with the next generation model. What makes this a special car and why should you know about it? Let’s take a look and see just what makes this a car that you should want to drive.

The subcompact segment has for years been mired with models that have very little in the way of features. Because most of the customers who shop in this segment have low budgets and automakers are trying to offer vehicles that will adhere to the need to stay affordable at the bottom of the model lineup for every customer who needs an inexpensive car the addition of some of the more advanced features hasn’t been a priority. The market is changing and it seems those of us who drive these subcompact cars want to have advanced features in a smaller car and are willing to pay for them.

The Nissan Micra is considered a revolutionary car because it leads the way not just with some great technology on board, but also with exceptional fuel economy as well. This new model, which ushers in the second generation of the Micra is lower, longer and wider than the previous model giving more space for you in the car. Under the hood, the Micra has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder diesel engine or a 0.9-liter three-cylinder turbocharged gas powered engine that can eventually grow to a 1.0-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine. The actual power and efficiency numbers haven’t been released yet, but this sharp looking little car showed up in Paris at the Paris Motor Show.

Of course, the small engines have been seen before on other models, but the Micra brings you a host of great technology features to choose from and include on your model. This car offers you the availability of lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, a seven-inch touchscreen that can give you Apple CarPlay and the most updated Nissan infotainment system. This is exactly what we’ve been missing on the market of subcompacts, a car that gives us the tech we want with the efficiency we’ve longed for.

The Micra will be a car that is built in the Renault factory as part of the partnership between Nissan and Renault. This new compact car just might make its way to the US in the near future and seems to be a car that could fit the lives of many of our city dwelling population. The choice of city cars is often missing what the Micra has to offer and Nissan should be able to capitalize on offering us something more with this great little car.

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