Did You Expect Anything Less from Rolls-Royce?

10.06.16 - Rolls Royce Logo

When it comes to any industry there’s always one company that stands head and shoulders above the rest. For some reason this one company has had a commitment to perfection in that industry and often becomes a trend setter with new technology, product development and sought after perfection. This company typically is either the largest volume producer of an item or offers such immense quality with their products that they become impossible to ignore and are able to realize massive profits from a smaller number of products that are of the highest quality the industry has to offer.

For the automotive industry that company is Rolls-Royce. Not only has Rolls-Royce been able to be the single symbol of the highest quality vehicles on the market for nearly a century, but no other car company has come anywhere near what Rolls-Royce can produce. Certainly there are some that feel as if they have reached near the height of perfection, but it hasn’t happened yet and as a leader and trend setter in the industry Rolls-Royce doesn’t follow the pack when it comes to their vehicles in any regard. Instead they lead the way and offer more of what we want to enjoy.

For this reason the new Project Cullinan that Rolls-Royce is currently working on is being dubbed as an SUV, but when you ask the global product communications manager, Andrew Boyle, he will vehemently inform you this vehicle is not an SUV at all. The description given is simply that of a high-sided vehicle and not an SUV. Why this new Rolls-Royce model isn’t considered an SUV? It guess we need to take into account the definition of what an SUV is and then look at Project Cullinan to understand exactly why Rolls-Royce feels this isn’t one.

First of all, SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle and, according to Boyle, this vehicle is neither sporty nor a utility vehicle. What customers can expect with this vehicle is a massive build that offers more space inside than that of most of the Rolls-Royce lineup to give the comfort and prestige associated with the name. Now, if we take away the direct definition of SUV, another reason Rolls-Royce may not want this associated with this category is to keep it out of any actual categorization. The new Project Cullinan is supposed to be an exciting and amazing new vehicle that only a few will be able to own and putting it on a pedestal above all other SUVs, including the Bentley Bentayga, does just that.

Unfortunately, most of us who review and admire vehicles are going to want this new vehicle in a class somewhere and if Rolls-Royce doesn’t want it to fall under the wagon moniker they need to call it something more exciting than “not an SUV.” Thankfully they still have time to come up with what this new Project Cullinan will be, but it would be great if the rest of us were in the know as to what the company wants to call it.

Even though we don’t know what it is, Project Cullinan is a new model that will make use of a scalable aluminum architecture which will also be used on the next Phantom. These two new vehicles will hit the market in 2018 and should be presented at various shows during the upcoming months so that we can get to know them and learn more about them. Mostly we want to learn what the new Project Cullinan will be and what we should call it, but I’m sure we’ll all admire and enjoy it once it does make its debut.

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