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03.11.17 - Mopar Dodge Challenger

While we tend to celebrate different automotive brands on a regular basis, the celebration of a company that offers the parts and features that make cars better and more enjoyable can be sometimes overlooked but not this time. When the name of the company is Mopar, which is a car customization company that’s been partnered with Dodge for many years, it’s time to celebrate. For the past 80 years Mopar has been offering the upgrades we love on our vehicles and has been a significant partner of the brands we know and trust for many years, making it an important part of our culture.

In order to celebrate the right way, Mopar will offer a 2017 Dodge Challenger that’s been fitted with the right gear at the Mopar Custom Shop and given the equipment that’s perfect for your drive. This limited edition vehicle will be hand painted and only be offered in a total of 80 models to celebrate the numbered anniversary. There will be two color options offered for this Challenger making it an easy car to spot when you see one, which may not be very often considering the low number for this special mode that will be built.

The colors you can choose from will be a Pitch Black/Contusion Blue or Pitch Black/Billet Silver giving you the two choices you can make. There will be 80 of each of these color combinations made and they will wear the Mopar 80th Anniversary badging to make them stand out easily for you to enjoy the ride and have a car that’s seriously exclusive if you happen to be one of the lucky few that get to own one of these amazing vehicles. Of course you won’t only have the paint scheme as the only reason to buy this car.

For the performance you’ll love the 6.4-liter 382 HEMI V8 that produces 485 horsepower and 475 lb.-ft. of torque. Up front you’ll see the impressive Shaker Hood package from Mopar to give you a look that feels like vintage styling paired with the benefit of an impressive ride and the package you want. You’ll also see a cold air intake that adds to the performance along with the air catcher duct system near the headlamp. There are also Mopar Shaker strut tower brakes and caps that are silver powder coated to offer the improvement of the rigidity you want in a car that’s been built to perform. Of course you also need great stopping power, which you’ll have with the Brembo brakes that are part of the car.

On the inside of the Mopar Challenger models you’ll have performance seats with the customized Tungsten Mopar logos embroidered on them. The Mopar logo is continued throughout the vehicle to give you a look and feel that you want to have on this car in order to enjoy the full package. There will also be a special Owner’s Kit included with ever one of these cars that will come in a custom Mopar box giving you more specialized information to enjoy the ride.

While this limited edition of the Mopar 2017 Dodge Challenge will certainly come at a higher price than you’ll find on a similar Challenger, you’ll feel the cost is worth it for the added benefits of this car and the fact it’s a car that celebrates the 80th Anniversary of one of our favorite vehicle customization companies. If you’re interested in this car and what it has to offer you it’s time for you to head to your local Dodge dealer and see what this limited edition model of the Challenge can offer you in order to give you the ride and performance you want.

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