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02.13.17 - Jeep CJ66 Concept

If we didn’t want to see something amazing we wouldn’t have shows every year where companies can show off their creativity and what they have piling up in the back of their minds. The SEMA show is one of the most creativity driven expos on the circuit today and allows us to see just what some automakers and many upfitter companies are coming up with to put on the road. This is the show where we see vehicles that have more of what we want on them and some that are presented in ways that we many have never thought about.

Jeep is one of the many brands that was represented at the 2016 SEMA show and the model that gained a massive amount of interest at the Jeep podium was the CJ66. This SUV is what you get when you take a CJ and two Wranglers, put them in blender, hit puree and see what comes out. Another way to look at this is a Frankenvehicle which is a complete mash up of parts, but unlike the unfinished, awkward and terribly designed way Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster showed up on the movie screen many years ago, the CJ66 looks like it could be the perfect way to have a Jeep.

To look at where some of the items came from is a tour of some of what Jeep has offered over the years. The body is from a 1966 Jeep CJ that was modified to fit on the Wrangler TJ chassis. The bumpers and lights came from the present Wrangler JK models and the hood came off a JK as well to create a look and feel that means business and is certainly a vehicle you could see handing nearly any rock crawl or trail ride in the outdoors.

As you look over this vehicle you may notice the details and work that went into make this conglomeration work together. There are vintage V8 badges on the fenders, there are chains on the dropdown tailgate and custom hood latches up front. Inside the seats came from a Dodge Viper, just because they could. These features may not sound like they go together, but it all seems to work extremely well and be the perfect blend of looks and feel in this CJ66 model that was shown off at the 2016 SEMA show this past year.

Under the customized body you’ll find some exceptional off road gear. You can see a Warn winch behind the front bumper, an on board tire inflation system which is perfect for adding or taking away tire pressure on the trail, the tires themselves are 35-inch off road tires, there are front and rear differential lockers, a custom roll cage for added protection and custom made rock sliders. The engine under the hood is a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 which provides 383 horsepower to give you the power you want to enjoy on this impressive machine. This engine uses a six-speed manual transmission which is exactly how you’d want a vehicle with a vintage Jeep body on it.

The Jeep CJ66 is certainly one of the most impressive and creative ways Jeep has brought a vehicle like this to the SEMA show. Will this Jeep make it to production? Probably not, but it certainly would be a lot of fun if it did and could ask for a steep price tag along the way. I can’t wait to see what the next SEMA show has in store for us and will certainly be most interested in what Jeep brings along to give us more to imagine.

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