Fast, Powerful… Refined?

02.10.17 - Kia Stinger

The newest car to enter the Kia lineup is one that is a departure from what we normally expect Kia models to be. Kia has grown and developed over the years to be a brand that offers us a variety of great features, shows off improved looks and comes to us with the equipment we want to enjoy on the road. This brand is full of quality cars and SUVs that give you a great value and plenty of fuel mileage while also being reliable and engaging on the road. This all makes for a lineup of impressive family cars and SUVs which left room for what Kia is ready to offer.

At the Detroit Auto Show held early in January, Kia unveiled what will be a new sports sedan for us to admire. This sedan is called the Kia Stinger and it will be part of the 2018 model lineup and provide us with the exciting part of driving from Kia. This will be a new offering that’s easily departed from what Kia has given us in the past, but it shows the confidence in development and direction Kia is headed for the future.

This powerful new fastback sedan is one that will give you the ability to haul the family around in a great looking car and unleash the power when you have some time to yourself on an open road. This new model is the GT that Kia has promised us, but is it really refined or is it a way to redefine the brand? I would say it’s a redefining of the Kia brand and nowhere near making the brand refined, which is the right direction for this Korean brand to go. Let Hyundai have the refinement with their new Genesis luxury brand and give Kia the ability to be the impressive sports brand that it can be.

The GT part of the name does stand for gran turismo and that means the car is one that was thought of, put into concept or into a video game and then brought from that concept to the road. While the Stinger GT may not have been in any of the Gran Turismo games, it certainly has all the qualities of a GT car and is perfect for the ride as one. This car is built to handle the road with an expertise that’s unmatched, it’s expected to be nimble and quick, and it will also be luxurious and quiet to give you the perfect balance you need.

This new Stinger GT is a ca that you can imagine yourself driving around a track or on an open road but also balances out as a great car to take out to the highway and have a road trip as it gives you the comfortable ride you want to enjoy. If you have a small family, the Stinger GT can be the car you want to haul them around in or it can be the ride that’s perfect just for you with great looks and impressive performance.

As we get closer to the release date and know when this car goes on sale, we’ll learn more about the Stinger GT and what it actually offers us from under the hood. This impressive car is one that will make it easier than ever for you to have the ride you want and the Kia features you’ve loved in the past. This car is certainly a departure from the norm for Kia and for that, I applaud Kia and look forward to even more details regarding this impressive performance sedan.

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