Fiat did This Backwards, but We Love Them for It

12.12.16 - FIAT 124 Spider

Most of the time we see sports cars come out as a hardtop coupe model before we even think about the convertible possibilities. in Europe many of the convertible sports cars are called Spider models and the newest item to wear the Fiat badge is the 124 Spider. This is a car that’s based off the Mazda Miata, which is no surprise since it’s built in the same plant, but the 124 Spider gives us Italian style and more engine options than the Miata to be a fantastic variation of the small roadster that comes at an affordable price.

Because the 124 carries the Spider moniker at the end of it, we know this to be a convertible roadster that’s made to be one of the most active sports cars on the market today. What we haven’t seen is a 124 from Fiat that will be a fixed roof coupe model to be a car that will give those who want the same driving pleasure as the Spider in a vehicle that offers a solid top. It seems there is one on the way, which is definitely something to be excited about.

While the new 124 Spider has only just burst onto the scenes, Fiat is already looking forward and I would guess that 2018 or 2019 will be the time we’ll see a hard roof version of the car. This car will make for a glorious new twist on this sports car which seems like Fiat made backwards, but we certainly love that they did. The base Spider offers us a 154 horsepower engine but the expected engine for the fixed roof model is the one found in the Abarth which is a bit more powerful at 178 horsepower, making for a great choice in this car.

Even though we only have some idea of what this car will look like, the pricing has already been discussed to be about ten percent more than the convertible. This means you could have a fixed roof Fiat 124 for close to $31,000, giving you a great Italian sports car that offers the performance you want at an affordable price. This could be an exciting new model for you to test out at the local track or around the curves on the roads near your home, giving you the car you want with the equipment and the fixed roof that you’ve longed for.

One difference between what Fiat has planned for this new car and the Miata is the lack of a retractable feature for the hardtop. The term fixed roof has been used because this new 124 will have a roof that stays put, unlike the Mazda Miata which has a retractable hardtop option for buyers to choose. With the fixed roof the 124 might be a little lighter overall to provide more performance on the road and on the track. Look for more news as we learn more about this car and when it actually will be offered on the market.

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