A Fitting Pace Car for the 100th Indianapolis 500

05.21.16 - 2017 Camaro SS

When you think of what pace car should go around the Brickyard when it’s the 100th Anniversary of the most famous race in America? If you have followed this race for any number of years you likely have seen a wide variety of vehicles act as pace cars for the race and in recent history one name has been the only one used for any pace car; Chevrolet.

As it turns out, the past thirteen years have seen either a Camaro or a Corvette act as the pace car with the exception only being the one year the SSR was used. Even though it is sheer happenstance, the 50th Anniversary edition of the Camaro will be the pace car for the 100th Indianapolis 500 race that is held over Memorial Day Weekend. This car won’t just be any car, it will be the SS edition and as it laps the Brickyard you can get a glimpse at a car that will go on sale later this year as one that you might want to consider as your next supercharged car full of fun that will certainly require you to schedule some track time to see what it can do.

Not only will the Camaro SS for 2017 be the pace car, one of the four white cars will be driven by none other than Roger Penske. Roger is an owner of Indy cars, a NASCAR team, a V8 Supercar team, a former pro driver and the owner of several car dealerships in the country. Suffice it to say Penske is a name that is easily synonymous with racing and Roger has been part of many turns at the Brickyard in one form or another, sometimes inside a car and other times watching his drivers rocket his cars around the track.

The Camaro SS is not changed for the race except for the 50th Anniversary Edition package which will be available later in the year. This package gives you the RS Appearance kit and several other performance and visual add-ons to make this a car that you want to drive. When you do have the chance to buy this car you can enjoy the 2LT and 2SS coupes and convertibles with the new SS and the Anniversary Edition of the car. The race in Indianapolis is certainly a fitting way for us to see this new car and what it has to offer us.

If you think General Motors seems to have a monopoly on being the pace car provider for this race you might be right. For 38 of the last 45 years the pace car has been a GM product which has included the Oldsmobile Bravada and Chevrolet Beretta among the many names used. As a celebration of the century mark for the race and half as long for the Camaro it seems only a fitting sight that this Camaro be the pace car for the race and having one driven by the legendary Roger Penske himself only makes it that much more special for this awesome spectacle of racing.

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