Fix or Replace? That’s the Question

09.27.16 - Windshield

When driving down the road you’re always at risk of some small object, such as a rock, being tossed onto your windshield, which could leave a crack or chip that you need to address. Even though this small imperfection seems to be something you could easily ignore, you shouldn’t at all. The windshield is made of laminated safety glass and is actually a major part of the safety features of your vehicle which means if it’s compromised, so is the safety of yourself and your passengers. The big question regarding your windshield is whether or not it can be fixed.

Can the Windshield be Fixed?

There are many factors to consider when deciding to fix a crack or chip. If the crack is through the entire windshield or you have an embedded antennae there is a good chance your cracked windshield needs to be replaced. If you have a chip or crack in a tight location such as near a corner or seam, this may need to be replaced as well. Some insurance companies require a damaged windshield to be replaced and not fixed to ensure the safety features of the vehicle continue to remain intact. A final factor in this decision is the skill of the technician who may or may not be able to properly repair the glass.

Fixing – In order to fix a windshield crack the technician must inject a clear resin into the crack and then polish it to match the current windshield. This is done by using UV light and if it’s done correctly the chip or crack won’t be able to spread at all. This repair is done in about forty minutes. Cracks up to fourteen inches in length are allowed to be considered for repair, but you should check with your insurance company before having your windshield fixed, it might void your coverage.

Replacing – The replacement of a windshield takes much longer and is much more involved. The body of your vehicle has to be prepared and the seals, adhesives and bonds must be removed in order to make the vehicle ready for the new windshield. There is even a wait time once the new windshield is installed before you should drive your vehicle in order to allow the bond to fully seal and the windshield to set. This does give you the full benefit of a new glass that’s safe and properly fitted, which adds to your peace of mind, but the process is longer and more expensive.

The decision to fix or repair a windshield has many factors, as you have seen. One factor that’s important above all others is trust in what the technician is doing to your vehicle. Thankfully there are ways to find the right trusted technicians in your area to ensure your windshield is properly replaced or repaired in order to give you the protection you need on the road. By vising the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) website, which you can find here, you can find a reputable service technician in your area to get the job done right.

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