For 2016 We Have a new Posterchild

02.28.16 - 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

The term “posterchild” has always been used to mean the perfect example of something. Whether it’s the egg that was frying in the pan which was used to help give kids a symbol of what their brains would do when they got hooked on illegal drugs or a high performance car that is the best new offering from an exotic automaker, the posterchild name lives on and we use it on a regular basis.

There is one posterchild that isn’t really the best at anything I can think of except for one. This car is the prime example of what one company believes to be its mantra and is the car that is meant to allow us to enjoy driving in a way that we haven’t thought of before.

What you would be completely shocked to find out is the fact that this posterchild does not have massive power, it does not feature a strong V8 engine, and it is not considered a track beast. This car is one that is meant to do one thing really well and if you expect or as more of it you will be sorely disappointed with the car.

So far this is a car that has been around for twenty-five years and now enters its fourth generation as a car that has been described as “finally growing up” which for three generations gave us cartoon-like features and rounded edges to appear too childish to take seriously. Even though this was the look and though of some who saw this car, it has been one that has been taken seriously and should be because it delivers on exactly what this car has been made to be.

Under the hood we see a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that gives us 155 horsepower. Do you really want to put that statistic on a poster? If you are a fan of this car and understand its meaning in your life you just might.

The car that is the new posterchild for 2016 is the new Mazda MX-5 Miata and this car is awesome. No it doesn’t have massive power, it still only has room for two and it’s not the most comfortable car to take on a road trip, but what this car does well is provide the fun you want from any vehicle. that’s right, the Miata is the posterchild for fun in the automotive world and with an all new style this new model does appear to be grown up with adult features and modern technology, but the real soul and feel of this car hasn’t been changed, it’s still a lot of fun.

Don’t we need fun in our lives? Of course we do, in a world where every decision at work seems like life and death and every situation at home seems to cause drama a car that can be fun and offer dynamic driving, not massive speed, but driving abilities, is a car we should all have in our driveways to enjoy.

If you have never loved driving and feel it’s more of a chore than anything else, it’s time to drive a Miata. Grab this car by the steering wheel and set out to a curvy and windy road with the top down and the sun in your face and see just what driving should be all about. It’s not about the racing on the track or the drudgery of the commute to work it’s about the freedom of the open road and letting the car and the road become one as they guide you along. The Miata understands this and will give you a ride you have never encountered before that can only be described by one word; fun.

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