Ford Shows off the New GT at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford GT Supercar

Many of us dread Monday mornings. It signifies the end of the weekend which could have and hopefully was full of amazing adventure, company, activity and fun. One thing weekends are not full of is our jobs which we happily left on Friday in order to enjoy some much needed downtime. Mondays were so notoriously dreaded that Jim Davis had Garfield hating them throughout the cartoon’s long run with something bad happening to him each Monday.

Even though many times Monday signifies the beginning of the work week that many of us only want to head toward Friday, but the Monday morning of the Detroit Auto Show brought us something else to enjoy in the form of the all new Ford GT Supercar. This awesome new supercar offers the wing opening doors a low slung profile and a ton of angles and curves that are all designed to provide more and more downforce on this amazing car.

Why does this mean looking machine need a ton of downforce? Probably because the engine found in the new Ford GT shows up as a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine that produces more than 600 horsepower. This makes this V6 one of the absolutely most powerful engines of this size on the entire market, requiring plenty of downforce to help the car stay planted on the road and able to handle curves and turns with ease and athleticism.

Not only does the shape and design of this amazing vehicle offer a ton of downforce, but it’s for speed with the aerodynamics that are on board. Features such as a deployable rear spoiler help manage airflow across the vehicle and allow the car to remain stable and easy to handle even at high speeds.

Not only does the design offer the downforce, aerodynamics and airflow needed for a supercar, but it keeps the exotic GT look that we have all come to know and love. By having these type of surfaces, the GT becomes one of the most functional and appealing cars to come out in the next model year. Seeing what Ford has to offer at the top of the line gives us a hint at what might be coming from the rest of the lineup from Ford.

If Mondays were something you dreaded before, the Monday morning of the Detroit Auto Show was certainly one that offered a great deal of excitement and allure from the folks at Ford as they got the party started with the amazing new GT. For those of you who are seriously considering buying one of the awesome super sports cars there will be a lot of great Monday mornings in your future where you will be heading to your driveway and see you have such an awesome car as your daily driver or weekend toy, making the daily grind at work all week well worth the effort. For the rest of us, we can simply understand this was one heck of a Monday at the Detroit Auto Show and a great start to what proved to be an amazing show.


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