The Future of Infiniti is Coming

01.14.17 - Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti is the luxury arm of Nissan and it’s a brand we’ve trusted for years to give us exceptional style and performance in vehicles that are perfect for the ride and offer us the dynamics we want. If you want comfort, quality and style in your luxury vehicle, the engineering inside an Infiniti vehicle can give you everything you want to enjoy on the road. As this brand advances and continues to make the improvements we want to see on the automotive market we may be in for a serious treat when it comes to what Infiniti has coming for us in the future.

Right now it appears the future of Infiniti will be found in the EV forum. There has already been an early prototype of the EV model that is expected to be what we want to enjoy on the road but still needs some work according to the leaders of the brand. The EV that Infiniti is working on will offer a unique driving experience which will be singular to this brand and not duplicated by other brands on the market. This is certainly the challenge that Infiniti has put in front of themselves, and it’s one that just might make a huge difference in what we think of EV models when it arrives on the market.

The challenge for Infiniti will be to create a vehicles that offers us the drive and performance that might be able to rival the Tesla Model S on the road. This is a lofty goal for now as Tesla continues to improve their Model S in order to bring more connectivity and perfection for the customers who love the Tesla Model S on the road. If Infiniti can create a luxury EV that can compete with the Model S this will be an impressive performance machine for us to love and enjoy.

Using the Nissan Leaf as a basis for the technology to build on Infiniti can work toward a longer range vehicle with the luxury items that we expect from Infiniti which would include the ride and the style we’re used to. Nearly five years ago Infiniti paraded out an EV that was called the LE Concept which was built off the Nissan Leaf. The goal with the new EV that will be part of the next wave from Infiniti is the fact that a vehicle will be built that will have the ride we want and be built on its own platform instead of one that’s built for another vehicle.

The LE Concept of five years ago brought in 134 horsepower and 240 lb.-ft. of torque to give us good performance to be enjoyed on road but the next version of an EV from Infiniti will have to be even more. We can wait and see what Infiniti brings out to be a true luxury EV that will compete with the standards already set by Tesla with the Model S. I certainly hope Infiniti brings us something spectacular to capture our imagination and attention.

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