GMC Carried Yukon Sales Success Throughout the Year

02.06.17 - GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon has been admired for many years as one of the most impressive large SUVs on the market. Last year the first four months of the year already showed double-digit increases in sales for this large and powerful SUV, but GMC didn’t rest on its laurels and act satisfied with these results. Instead GMC continued to be an impressive performer in the large SUV market with the Yukon by bringing a special model to the market late in May for us to enjoy the ride. There are still some of these models at dealers now just waiting for you to take them home with you.

This new special model for the 2016 model year is the Yukon SLT Premium Edition. This big brute is a chrome trimmed special version that offers a personalized appearance on the SLT model. This big SUV brought you items such as 22-inch chrome wheels, a chrome grill, chrome body side moldings, polished exhaust tips and much more. The chrome alone makes this a gorgeous beast of burden for you to seriously enjoy the ride, but there’s much more to the equation than just a shine of the chrome.

As the model with the distinct style and performance of a special edition the Yukon XL SLT Premium Edition is the big SUV you want if you happen to be a discerning customer that wants to enjoy the capability and look that can be had with this luxury laden SUV. The premium look and feel of this special Yukon makes it easy to see how this SUV has been so popular over the years and makes you wonder why this version of the Yukon isn’t offered at all times. Of course, if it was offered across every model year it wouldn’t be a special edition at all.

Once you open the doors to this special Yukon you’ll find a range of items you want to enjoy such as power operated fold flat second and third row seats, a power rear liftgate with several programmable height settings and a hands free operation feature, wireless phone charging, a standard eight-inch diagonal color touchscreen radio with IntelliLink and navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, keyless entry, push button starting and the ability to tow as much as 8,500 pounds. These impressive features make this Yukon one that feels great and gives you everything you need.

When it comes to the power and the safety needed, this SUV has it for you. The engine under the hood is a familiar but advanced 5.3-liter V8 engine that gives you the best fuel mileage in this SUV class. When you have the confidence you’ll enjoy 23 mpg on the highway, this is an SUV that’s easy to love. As for the safety, this Yukon is made to protect you in case of a collision. The features to aid you include the forward radar system, a Front Center Air Bag, along with a range of impressive airbags and safety alert systems to help you avoid a crash on the road.

This new GMC Yukon SLT Premium Edition makes it possible for you to have what you need in a large SUV that gets the job done for you. No matter the road ahead, this luxury laden and feature filled large SUV is ready to get the job done for you in an uncompromising manner to make sure you can have the ride you want and the equipment you need. Come on in and check out this special model of the Yukon at your local GMC dealer, its one brute you’re sure to love.

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