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College Graduation Cars

It’s that time of year again where we come close to the end of a school year and many high school and college grads will get many great graduation gifts to celebrate their achievements and a transition to the next step of their lives.  For those graduates some will receive  vehicles as the graduation gift from parents or grandparents, but what are some of the top choices to give graduates in order for them to have a fantastic vehicle that won’t cost them an arm and a leg to either insure or operate.

Whether you are looking for a new car or a certified pre-owned vehicle, there are plenty to choose from, but for those getting ready for college as well as the ones who are just graduating from college themselves, the need is basically the same.  A trustworthy vehicle that can be parked anywhere and is fuel efficient as well as reasonably inexpensive to insure.  These are their needs in a nutshell.  Of course adding a bit of fun and a great driving capability doesn’t hurt at all either and these vehicles are more than able to handle that need as well.  Here are top ten vehicles for grads.

2015 Buick EncoreThe Encore is a great crossover SUV that gives plenty of space but is not too large for inexperienced drivers.  As a value to operate and a vehicle that has a ton of great features, graduates will love this SUV.

2015 Chevrolet Trax This small SUV is a go anywhere, do anything model that looks fun and offers easy to drive features, a great gas mileage and is capable of handling lighter trails on off road adventures.

2015 Honda FitSubcompacts are in style right now and make a great gift for grads.  As a hatchback the versatility can’t be beat and the Fit can hold some friends while offering the Honda reliability and driving fun.

2015 Nissan Versa NoteThe Note is a small hatchback that also gives the ability to park anywhere and offers great fuel mileage.  Whether it’s an odd shaped item found on an adventure or some friends hanging out, the Note makes a great choice for a graduate.

2015 Mazda3As the smaller brother to the Mazda6, those who get a Mazda3 probably have parents who own the larger model and will love the engage driving and the quick off the line attributes of the Mazda3 that comes from the company that made “zoom zoom” a reality.

2015 Jeep Renegade The Renegade is one of the smallest Jeeps, which makes it easy to drive and with the Jeep features on board it is a fantastic choice for a graduate, especially one that is heading for some fun in the sun as the Renegade is a great vehicle for the beach crowd.

2015 Fiat 500If you love an Italian car, this is the one to get for a graduate.  The 500 is fun, stylish and small enough to fit just about anywhere and in any parking area.  With a small footprint the 500 makes a great choice for and young graduate to love.

Toyota CamryWhen you find a certified pre-owned Camry you have found a gem.  It’s not the most popular sedan in America for any reason and will make the perfect graduation gift and be reliable and hold its value for a very long time.

Ford FusionA certified pre-owned Fusion is another sedan that we see a lot and why not.  This car is easy to enjoy and makes the right choice for a graduate as it is one of the cheapest to maintain of all the vehicles on the market.

Lexus ISIf you want to get your graduate a luxury model, a certified pre-owned IS is the best choice as a reasonably priced and well-equipped model.  the IS is also sporty in comparison to other Lexus models giving your graduate a great car that will be fun to drive.

When you give this list of vehicles to your graduate to choose from, or choose one for them, be sure to get them the vehicle they will want (in your price range of course) that will give you the peace of mind knowing they are being taken care of when they are behind the wheel.  these ten make excellent choices for grads as they have some dynamic features that young grads will love and have all the safety you will want in place just in case.

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