Highest Priced Coupes for 2015 (Part 1)

2015 Jaguar F-Type

When money is not a consideration and quality and performance are the key factors in deciding which car to buy, what is the choice going to be? Looking at coupes offers a style and shape that is easy to enjoy and sporty in design. Not to mention these coupes have a great deal of performance, handling, and power built in for any owner to really get excited when behind the wheel. For 2015 these are the top ten highest priced coupes on the market, built for most to dream of and only a few to actually own.

Jaguar F-Type – The F-Type from Jaguar offers a great deal of sporty style and appears to be a very sophisticated sports roadster as it drives past. The F-Type is fully loaded with awesome luxury features and a highly developed control system that allows the car to handle any road it faces and come out on the other side with pleasure on its grill. This car has a very throaty engine to scream out “look at me” to any onlookers in the area. The F-Type shows up with an MSRP of $99,925 for anyone who dare buy one.

BMW M6 – As the most capable and most feature filled version of the 6 Series from BMW, the M6 is sleek, powerful, and easy to enjoy. The M6 shows off with true BMW style and control which makes the car one of the highest performing luxury cars on the market. Filled with awesome features and equipment for drivers and passengers to marvel at the M6 is a comfortable ride and easy to enjoy from any seat. The M6 makes this list with an MSRP of $120,050 for owners to enjoy this excellent ride.

BMW 6 Series – The 6 Series is the flagship group from BMW that offers a great deal of trim and engine offerings to give owners a choice as to which version of the 6 Series is the one for them. This car offers classic BMW style and performance that shows up as the highest level of driving possible. The 6 Series offers drivers an Alpina version to make it one of the absolute most enjoyable cars on the road with its added comfort and precision. The MSRP for the Alpina model comes in at $118,250 for owners to enjoy.

Jaguar XK Series – Style, grace, sophistication and elegance are found in this awesome Jaguar which comes in the form of the XK Series. This awesome car offers a ton of great sport features to enjoy and an expertly-engineered control system to ensure the XK is easy to enjoy on any drive regardless of the destination. The XK is sleek and enjoyable to look at as a sports coupe or as a high-performing luxury car which makes it a highly desired vehicle. The XK Series comes into this list with an MSRP of $138,895.

Nissan GT-R – A very high performing sports car is found in the Nissan GT-R. This car offers amazing sport features and an outstanding engine that rockets it down the road with ease. The GT-R is amazing to look at and drive with highly precise handling as well as an abundance of interior equipment to keep anyone in the car pleasantly entertained. The GT-R is an awesome coupe for this list and offers the best Nissan has to offer for power and performance. The GT-R shows up with an MSRP of $151,585.

These five coupes are excellent choices for coupes that anyone could purchase if money was not a factor to consider. Even for those who are able to shop in this realm and have to consider some part of the price, they will find a great deal of precise handling, powerful engines, and amazing vehicles that offer the most enjoyable ride on the road today. Test drives for these five cars should be a lot of fun for anyone who is shopping in this price range.

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