Holding an Important Place for Volkswagen

11.21.16 - Volkswagen e-Golf

Even though we were presented with the new Volkswagen ID which will be the next generation of electric vehicles from the brand that has undergone a huge amount of scrutiny because of the recent diesel scandal the current electric model has a place that needs to be kept. Volkswagen needs to continue to be a brand that has success and is trusted as one of the leaders in the market for EV models. Because of this it’s important that the current e-Golf pave the way for the new ID to be ready to be the right EV model for us to enjoy.

Because of this placeholders status Volkswagen has to both put money into the e-Golf and makes sure they hold back where they need to. Right now is the time to put money into this car and they have done just that. The new e-Golf will have an improved range of as much as 186 miles on a single charge. This is almost 100 miles more than it can currently achieve and is more than the Nissan Leave and Ford Focus Electric. This makes the e-Golf one of the most competitive vehicles on the road today as an EV model.

There will be some other upgrades as well, not just an improved range. The e-Golf that made its debut at the LA Auto Show had an improved infotainment system and look better than ever before. This version of the e-Golf is expected to be on the market for only a short generation of time, but it’s one that is actually sold in all states and not reserved for the states that adhere to CARB emissions standards. This makes the e-Golf a fantastic trailblazer for when the ID is ready to roll off the assembly line in a few years.

Using the new MEB platform and a rear engine chassis the EV models that begin with the I.D. are expected to reach numbers from this one platform of nearly thirty different versions. The ID which is scheduled to be on the market in 2020 is supposed to have a range of up to 373 miles on a single charge and have a shorter charge time in between charges. This makes the ID and important car for Volkswagen and as long as the e-Golf continues to perform up to its current level we’ll be able to make the transition easily.

As we prepare for the LA Auto Show and wait to see this new, extended range e-Golf model we can only think that this might be the first of many EV models that we drive for the future. It seems that not only has Volkswagen made a commitment to build EV vehicles, but they are truly obsessed with them. This new e-Golf will be a car that we want to drive and enjoy in our area while offering us the range to be able to take a ride or have a reasonably long commute to work in a car that’s comfortable and highly efficient.

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