How Desperate do You Have to Be?

05.25.17 - South Dakota Police

The news has been filled for the past year or more with police officers that people felt were in the wrong because of actions caught on tape and released in a skewed sense of the actual events. Too often we’ve been shown videos that didn’t begin when the criminal was taking actions of their own, only when a friend or relative of the criminal felt it was right for them to try and show us a darker side of law enforcement. Even with this skewed view, the men and women in blue still try and serve and protect us to the best of their ability.

For some that may seem like they need to take advantage of what the officer happens to have in their possession at the time, including their car. While most officers will do everything in their power to help a person who is being reasonable, sane and level headed, this becomes difficult when faced with a person who is obviously impaired or simply not thinking properly at all. When it came to an incident that took place recently this was unfortunately the case even though an officer attempted to help.

A driver in South Dakota contacted authorities because he ran out of gas on the road. This driver was then met with one of the highway patrol officers who attempted to help the man and see what he needed. The car the man was driving had stopped and was apparently out of fuel near Highway 281 near the town of Tulare in South Dakota. What happened next seems as bizarre an event as we can see and is one that makes me wonder how some officers can continue to try and help people who allow themselves to be impaired.

Whether or not the man was actually impaired or not is unknown, but he refused to be detained because the officer felt he was acting strangely. Instead of allowing himself to be detained, he pushed the officer out of the way, jumped into the police car and took off. After speeding down the highway for nearly 140 miles, he ran out of gas once again only to finally be detained by the police and hauled off to be charged with felony grand theft. This is certainly one of the oddest ways that anyone has been caught breaking the law that I’ve ever seen.

These incidents bring up two questions; where did this man need to go so badly that he ran out of gas twice, and how impaired must he have been to take these actions. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, just a couple of cars that needed to be refueled and one man that had to be taken into custody and charged because he had somewhere to go and decided he needed to get there by any means necessary. Was this a result of too many hours of playing racing video games or was it just a man that needed to be allowed to detox?

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