How do you Get the Engine Note You Want with Fuel Efficiency

03.17.16 - 2016 Ford Focus RS

For many years the standard engine for fuel mileage was a four-cylinder but there has always been a trade-off when you purchase a car with a four-cylinder engine; boredom. These cars often brought in minimal excitement on the road and from under the hood which meant we would not have the feeling or the sound we wanted. Of course, with any rule there is an exception and there have been some exciting four-cylinder cars that gave us the engine note we wanted to hear. These beauties have given us the sound we wanted to go along with an impressive fuel efficiency to enjoy as well.

Acura Integra Type RThis was one of the coolest luxury FWD cars on the market in the mid 1990s. This car is still considered to have been one of the best handling FWD cars every made that sounded loud and proud to be in existence. The 1.8-liter engine could give you 195 horsepower and it was able to reach up to the redline at 8,400 rpm.

Alfa Romeo 4CA sports car that has the small engine you want with the big sound you certainly desire to enjoy. The 4C is a sports car that gives you everything you need including the signature style from Alfa Romeo and an amazing performance and the quickness you will love from a small sports car that is built to be agile.

Offenhauser CarsThe engine designs created by Fred Offenhauser dominated Indy Car racing for many years and were both powerful and reliable. While you might not have expected to have a four-cylinder engine on the track in Indy Car racing the sound was simply amazing and the build was perfect to be some of the most impressive engines ever.

Twin-Cam Alfa Romeo ModelsForty years of production for the same engine is not an accident. The Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine is one that has given us the wonderful sound from the exhaust that started as early as 1954. During the time this engine was made more than a dozen cars made use of it to make for one of the best builds and sounds on the market.

BMW E30 M3Billed as one of the most impressive driving cars ever the M3 was supposed to fill the gap between a road car and a racing car. This car was more powerful and faster than the typical E30 and certainly gave you one of the most impressive sounding engines you would ever get to hear on any road or track.

Fiat 500 AbarthIn this build the somewhat plain Fiat 500 is improved to be a performance car that is able to give you the best sound around town and on the highways. This is a car that can be active and a lot of fun to drive while also providing you with one of the most impressive exhaust notes from the small engine build.

Ford Focus RSAlready knowns as one of the most impressive four-cylinder engine builds with the impressive 350 horsepower that comes from the engine this car also offers you one of the meanest sounds you have ever heard come out of an exhaust. This car has it all including a drift mode to give you the drive of your life from a great hot hatch.

Honda S800This is a car that sounds a lot meaner than it is, but this story is all about the sound so that works just fine for us. With a total of 70 horsepower and top speed of 100 mph the S800 makes a racing sound is impressive and desirable and it does so across the entire rpm spectrum to give you noise at every level.

Honda S2000Even though this car was supposed to have the spirit of the S800 it actually has much more to it than that. This car was balanced perfectly and was light to give you an agile and active player on any road. The horsepower for this four-cylinder was only a little less than the Ford GT of the time and it came in with one of the most menacing sounds on the market.

Porsche 904 Carrera GTSYou expect this to be a car that will give you an impressive sound ant it certainly does. Overall this is the most impressive sounding car on this list. When you want an amazing car at any engine build you should turn to Porsche, which you might not think of as producing four-cylinder engines, but they certainly do and they are simply awesome.

Subaru WRS STIAs a car that is meant to be part of the Rallye crowd the ones that are built for the general public to purchase are simply amazing as well. This car offers a sound that is different from the rest from the spectacular build of the engine to make this a car that is special not only in its unique sound but also for the great performance this car offers.

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