How Do You Want to Wake Up?

11.21.16 - The Grand Tour

Most mornings of our lives we have to be woken up with an alarm clock of some sort. These devices cut into our slumber and interrupt or dreams only to tell us it’s time to get ready for the new day and what that day has to offer us. We need these devices so that we don’t miss out on events or schedules that we try to keep which can even mean our kids are counting on us to be able to get them up as we’re their alarm clocks, at least when they are young and need our help.

How do you wake up? Does it take several alarm clocks scattered all around your room or do you need only one? Are you a snooze button person who continued to drift off for the duration of the snooze time or do you pop up right out of bed as soon as the first alarm goes off? We are all different when it comes to the morning wakeup call and very few of us still wake to the sound of a rooster’s crow (which can be extremely annoying) and how we wake up helps us get going for our morning routines.

Amazon has been promoting their new life assistant, Alexa for many months and soon they will have a new series on Amazon Prime that will capture our attention. This new series is called The Grand Tour and it features the same trio of cheeky crazies that were the stars of Top Gear for many seasons. This trio is Jeremey Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond and with the promotion of their show they have sworn to find a way to wake you up in the morning to make sure you can get ready for your day.

No, this trio won’t be barging into your home at all hours of the morning, scaring your children and disrupting the family dog, but they will be your wakeup call if you have the Alexa smart home device. In an effort to promote this new show, that should soon become one of your favorites, a new alarm has been added in which these hosts give you several shouts of “Wake Up!” which certainly will get you up and out of bed in the morning. This is perfect for those of us who need to be jarred out of dreamland in order to get started.

Whether this is the most annoying way or the perfect way to wake you up, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to sleep through this wake up call, especially if you have the volume at its highest level. If you love the way this alarm wakes you up, you’ll certainly love the new show from Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour where these three get into all sorts of mischief in an effort to entertain and educate us regarding the latest in automotive technology. Enjoy the alarm and enjoy the show even more.

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