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02.13.16 - Rest Stop

On a bit of a unique and off the cuff topic there has been a patent filed for an item that most of us might cringe at or wonder why, but when we think of the usefulness we can understand exactly how this new item would benefit us in several different ways. While the reality is this particular technology might never make it into any vehicle we can enjoy the fact that someone has thought of a way to have fewer stops on a long road trip, thus making it much easier for you to make better time on any trip.

What is the most time consuming part of a road trip? While driving would rank first, which is how you are moving toward your destination, bathroom stops should rank a close second. The challenge here is when you have several different passengers who all seem to have different bladder and bowel timings, creating a need to make multiple stops. I know some families, who only have boys, that make use of drink bottles when the smaller gentlemen have to relieve their bladder, but there certainly should be a more sanitary and dignified way to allow us to handle a restroom need or even an emergency bathroom need on the road.

News has reached us that Danisha Lashune Taylor of Lancaster, CA has filed for a patent for an in car toilet. This patent was filed on February 4th and offers a complete in car system to allow those in the back seat the ability to relieve themselves while on the road. This in car toilet offers a build that makes maintenance extremely easy with replaceable parts in case anything fails to function properly which allows for the most cost-effective use of the item when it comes to in car use.

This new toilet system comes in both adult and child potty sizes that are built to have automatic components. The seats are removable and the lid is automatic with an automatic flush feature, a liquid storage tank, a drain module and a disposable collection bag. This cushioned commode could be built into a rear seat to be a regular seat of your vehicle most of the time while a useful toilet when needed by simply removing the seat cushion. This is certainly one way to handle an excretion emergency in your vehicle, but currently, it does not offer any form of privacy for the user.

Will there be some privacy settings built into vehicles that get this feature added to them? Possibly, but certain safety features would have to be added in order to make this a real item that can be added to a vehicle, at least a typical passenger vehicle. What would it look like if you were in a collision with another vehicle while someone in the backseat was busy using the in-car toilet to relieve themselves? It may seem like we will never see this in our cars, trucks or SUVs, but, with a patent filed, there are possibilities and certainly the goal making this a reality.

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