Hyundai Genesis vs. Nissan 370Z; Affordability Can Be a Difficult Decision

Hyundai Genesis vs. Nissan 370Z

With these two beauties as possible options in the nearly $30,000 range it’s hard to decide which one you might want to buy.  You may be assuming someone would choose the muscle cars from Ford, Dodge, or Chevy that all come with V6 editions for this price, but these are made more for those who enjoy a calm cruise in the country rather than high performance drives that can be whipped around twists and turns.  This means in this price range the choices are now down to the Hyundai Genesis and the Nissan 370Z which both offer high performance V6 engines, rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission to give you the performance you want.

To begin with the Genesis is much larger by nearly a foot and a half.  This allows the Genesis to offer a nice backseat and a truck that can haul up to ten cubic feet of cargo, unlike the 370Z which only has a 6.9 cubic foot trunk space.  This different can be one certain deciding factor as the Genesis is actually marketed as a luxury car from Hyundai to give a smooth and elegant drive.

When it comes to equipment both cars are going to come in a basic model and the Genesis Coupe shows up with more features than the 370Z.  These features include things like satellite radio, a telescoping steering wheel and leather seating which are all awesome for comfort.  The Nissan model does have push button starting, smart key entry and HID headlights, but for creature comforts the Genesis is the right choice to give you more for your money.

For the Genesis R-Spec you will get a Torsen limited slip rear differential, a sportier suspension, larger brakes and 19-inch wheels all included in the package.  In order to gain these added performance bennies on the 370Z you have to move up to the Sport mode and spend $3,500 more on the car.

In the engine compartment the Genesis makes a slightly better player as well.  The engine for the Genesis is a 3.8-liter V6 that gives off 348 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque.  For the Nissan the engine is a 3.7-liter V6 which has 16 less horsepower and 25 less lb.-ft. of torque.  So far, it seems the Genesis is the right choice for the money to ensure you will have the model you desire.

Even though there is less power in the Nissan, it’s actually the faster of the two.  This is due to the 249 pounds less the car weighs than the Genesis, which makes perfect sense when you look at the difference in size and even the aerodynamic differences.  The engine of the 370Z is actually really quiet so if you are looking for some excellent noise to show off to your friends and neighbors the Genesis is the car to choose with its intake resonator that lets the engine really growl.

When it comes to being thrown around twists and turns on the road and taking the punishment of a driver who wants to see what a car can do, the 370Z is more apt to handle what is needed.  Both are capable, but with the shorter wheel base and more precise response to every part of the drive the 370Z is really a sportier model overall.

On the inside of the vehicles you can see the Genesis is much better overall.  It’s more modern it offers much better driver positioning and gives you a feeling of a car that is made for this year.  The 370Z unfortunately has been around in its current form since 2009 with only a few changes to the overall car, especially the interior, which is where you will spend all of your driving time.

Overall, the Genesis Coupe is the clear winner for this comparison.  It’s a more practical car with better driving manners and more space to enjoy the ride with some friends.  Even with that said, if you are after sport and a car that will take a punishment you should turn to the 370Z, it’s going to take all your abuse and ask for more.

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