Hyundai is Making the IONIQ a Completely Different Experience

01.06.17 - Hyundai IONIQ

The goal of automakers today is to create mobility solutions for us, not just produce vehicles that we want to drive. This means creating vehicles, the shopping experience, the test drive and the overall ownership of a vehicle that is as ingrained in our lives as smartphones have become n the past few years. For Hyundai, this challenge will be met with the IONIQ which is coming to the US market in the near future for us to enjoy. This car is meant to answer every one of our mobility solutions that come up on a daily basis.

The IONIQ is a small car that will be sold in three different forms; a hybrid, the plug-in hybrid and the EV model. These three ways to drive will help lower emissions for us and make it easier to get around, but this car is also being tested in Korea as a different type of autonomous model. Not only has Hyundai put the LiDAR up front in the bumper of the car, but it will have integration with the three cameras on board and a GPS antenna to help this car find its way.

The shopping experience is being improved with the Unlimited subscription based ownership program. This means you will be able to choose a fixed payment with unlimited miles, electric charging costs, scheduled maintenance, wear items and the typical purchase fees all bundled into one package to make it easy to buy. Once you choose the IONIQ that’s right for you and get approved you come to the dealership and drive away after signing a few forms. This makes the shopping easier than ever before.

Even the test drive is being improved with the IONIQ. Hyundai has partnered with WaiveCar to bring you an easy way to let you use the IONIQ free of charge. Starting in January you can scheduled your time with the car and have two free hours of driving to see if you want this vehicle. No pushy salesperson in the car with you, no limits on where you go, just you and the car doing what you do on a daily basis to make sure you’re ready for this car and can make an informed decision before you start the shopping.

Ownership of this vehicle will be better with everything you have in the IONIQ as well. The strategy of bringing you a car that can suggest places for you to go or help you know what you need to do on a regular basis makes a difference in your lifestyle. Eventually the IONIQ will be sold as an autonomous vehicle, especially once Hyundai perfects their new computerization system which will be made to give you the equipment you need and operate more efficiently than current, more expensive systems. This is easily a car you need to consider when you’re looking for the right car to drive in the near future.

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