If You Love BMWs

If you love BMWs

The BMW M3 has been known as the perfect driving machine for many years and it’s hard to argue with that claim. The M3 is a car that’s athletic, built with just the right balance of weight and power, gives you a dynamic steering system and suspension and is easily one of the most engaged with the road on the market. If you love the drive and the performance that BMW has to offer there is a place you need to go later this month to have the fun of witnessing what cars from this brand can and will do.

The annual Bimmerfest East is being held at Englishtown, New Jersey on July 29-30 and it will certainly be a lot of fun for anyone who heads out to check it out. The tickets are reasonably priced and can be bought online or at the gate. This is an annual event to celebrate the fun and excitement of driving BMW models as the athleticism and quality of the vehicles from this brand are not limited to just the M3. The entire lineup from BMW 3 Series to the iPerformance models will be on display and you’ll get to see many cars from this brand in action.

The event is sponsored by ESS Tuning and will feature an extensive collection of cars that are tuned for the course and offer a wonderful way for you to see what these vehicles can do. There will be racing and fun on both days, with morning and evening autocross sessions to let the best racers in attendance show off their skills in their cars. You’ll see cars that look like your typical daily driving BMW that have been pumped up to be race ready and capable of crossing a finish line before the rest of the crowd that follows behind.

In addition to the racing and the view of the BMW lineup, there will be a burnout competition on Sunday which can be a lot of fun for you to enjoy the spectacle and the smoke that’s created. There will also be a car show called the Battle of the Bimmers to allow you to see some of the cool cars in attendance that have been kept in pristine condition. There is also a swap meet/car sale on both days which makes this an event where you might find your next fun to drive BMW and be able to take home something special.

This event is one that should be a ton of fun and it’s easy to get in with the low ticket prices and free parking offered. If you love the BMW models and the exceptional athleticism and precision control these cars offer, you’re not going to want to miss Bimmerfest East. This show only happens once a year and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Come out and join the fun and check out all the cars that give us a look at some of the history of the brand as well as those that have been built to be able to scream around the track.

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