Is Gesture Based Software The Next Big Automotive Thing?

Gesture Based Software Automotive

We keep getting bombarded with the latest in automotive technology. Apple has introduced CarPlay, Android has Android Auto, AT&T has announced the connected car, Google has built an autonomous prototype car, and simpler things like infotainment centers, and other car gadgets keep evolving at epic proportions. So is gesture based software in our automobiles the next big thing to hit the automotive market?

TechNavio has announced the publication of global gesture recognition for the automotive segment. Input devices used to operate the gesture recognition software solutions include cameras, and software, which are being offered at a low cost. Automobile vendors are looking to partner with software vendors to offer gesture recognition products in cars, trucks, and SUV’s.

Big players in the market like Toyota have partnered with Microsoft for the past three years to focus on gesture recognition capabilities for Toyota vehicles using Microsoft’s patented technology. BMW is working on iDrive which will allow for gesture recognition in their vehicles to offer more user friendly vehicles for its drivers. This technology will power the infotainment centers and smartphones for the driver and passengers.

The question is, will this technology take off in cars, trucks, and SUV’s, and if so, will it be more distracting to drivers than voice recognition, which does not take the driver’s eyes off the road, or hands off of the wheel? It seems that gesture recognition is slow to the market and may have a better application in autonomous, or self driving vehicles. Although gesture recognition software may have a place in vehicles in the future, for now, voice recognition seems to trump that of the futuristic software.


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