The Jeep Growth is Astounding

02.24.17 - Jeep Grand Cherokee

In a world that has seen FCA dial back the brands and the models that it offers on the market one brand has continued to grow and will offer us more of what we want going forward in the future. That brand is Jeep and it’s not really any secret that FCA has put an enormous investment into what Jeep is and what it will continue to offer on the market in the future. To go along with the $1 billion investment being put into the Warren, MI and Toledo OH plants for the future of Jeep and what it will offer us.

For the next iteration of Jeep we will see three new models in 2018 that will give us a start to how impressive this brand continues to be. Those three will be the new Compass which is a combination of the Compass and Patriot, a new Wrangler which will add new style but still carry much of the look and feel that Jeep has offered over the years and a new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk which is powered by the Hellcat engine in a new way that will make it an offroad and on track performer.

The strength of this brand is built on the over twelve percent increase in the sales experienced by the brand over the past year. This has helped Jeep secure more investment from FCA as the parent company can see the impactful profit machine that is Jeep. This brand is perfect for the market right now and with the Wrangler as the most admired horse in the stable, it is poised to take over every single SUV segment in the market. With this in mind there will be more coming from Jeep after this new trio hit the market in the upcoming months.

While the Grand Cherokee is due to be redesigned for the 2019 model year as well, the move toward the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will bring back names that we’ve admired in the past and give the luxury market a bigger run for its money. Currently the only model from Jeep that even comes close to a luxury build is the Grand Cherokee. With the addition of high priced, high energy luxury models that can handle the challenges of the trails, the rest of the brands in the market that haven’t felt the sting of being in a market with Jeep will now feel it.

With the addition of so many models and the Wrangler Pickup truck that will eventually make it to the market as well, Jeep is heading in the right direction. When it comes to brands that are socially based the Wrangler is the one model that comes to mind. There are more Jeep clubs than any other car club in the country and the Wrangler is the most admired of the models because it can carry you out to the trails with ease. This is the model that has been around the longest and continues to offer us the fun and build we admire.

After these improvements are you going to be a Jeep customer? Are you already a Jeep customer who’s just looking for the right model to come your way? Get ready because Jeep is bringing the lineup that is expected to compete heavily in every single segment of the SUV category. These vehicles will offer you everything you want and the ability to head off road in the right vehicle for you. With the thought of bringing the utility back to the SUV market Jeep is getting it right and building on their success.

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