It’s Just a Regular Car

01.22.17 - Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet has brought us a new car to the market and we’ve already been buying this car up faster than any other EV that’s come before it. That’s right, the new Chevy Bolt EV is a car that has captured our attention and makes a huge difference for us on the road and when it comes to fuel costs. This new car is changing the game for Chevrolet in order to give us a car that’s perfect for the ride and one that will make a difference in our driving. With a car that offers us up to 238 miles of electric range on a single charge Chevrolet wants more from the Bolt than any other EV has had in the past.

What does Chevy want from the Bolt? They want this car to be viewed as a regular car, not as an EV, not as something different and certainly not as a quirky car that only works for a select market. The Bolt is a car that offers the range we need for nearly every situation and the performance we like for driving. As a car that beat Tesla to the punch as an affordable EV model, the Bolt is a car that can change the game for Chevrolet, but it has to be accepted by the masses in order to reach the lofty sales goals set.

If this car is going to reach the masses and be a car that’s perfect for everyone it can’t be quirky at all. This is a car that you can enjoy the drive and forget that it’s a zero emissions EV in the process. The design of this car looks familiar, especially if you’ve enjoyed the look of the other hatchbacks from Chevrolet in the past. The technology aboard is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy the ride and stay connected through the various systems offered by the Bolt.

The goal when Chevrolet began the process of building the Bolt was to make it a car that would be special to each owner while appealing to the masses in a big way. This is a car that can do just that. The 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system is one way to enjoy the Bolt and the feel of the car is one of a car that’s built to give you the ride you want rather than a ride that’s centered on the fact it’s an EV. This is also the first long range EV that’s been offered for a low and reasonable price.

Not only is Chevy working to make us feel the Bolt is a regular car, but they are also trying to bring that feel to the advertising as well. The commercials you see are made to use “Real People, Not Actors” in these spots to showcase the reaction of regular individuals to the Bolt and what it brings to the market. This is a car that you can drive every day and enjoy what you want which is described during the advertising of this car.

While the goal is to make this car feel like a regular car, the Chevy Bolt is much more than a regular car. It’s one of the first EV models to feel like a car you want to drive and enjoy rather than one that will give you the EV performance while you compromise. Maybe this should be a car that’s advertised as uncompromising, because it truly is a vehicle that’s worth the time and effort you’ll put into enjoying it on the road as you drive on a daily basis with no worry about the fuel range because the Bolt has you taken care of.

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