Super Bowl Car Ads that We Can’t Wait to See

BMW i3

Every year the Super Bowl offers a host of commercials for us to enjoy. Many are meant to entertain us and get us laughing at the antics and creativity that is found in these advertising spots. The Super Bowl Commercials have become so big there is even betting in Vegas regarding what companies will have how many spots along with discussions around many water coolers the next day in offices all over the country as to what commercials were thought to be the best, funniest, sent a great message or were just a lot of fun.

Sometimes we lose what is actually being advertised during the commercials because most of us are very familiar with all the products, but the cars are always new. Because of this fact here is a bit of information regarding each of the different cars that are set to be featured in the Super Bowl Commercials on February 1st.

Lexus NX

The NX shows up with sharp design elements and the signature hourglass shaped grill to offer excellent looks that are made for owners to fully enjoy. This nice and shapely SUV is set to compete with the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLK. Similar to the rest of the Lexus lineup the NX comes loaded with great features. Add a price that is in general much lower than that of the competition starting out at a price of $35,405 and offering a combined fuel mileage of 25 mpg.

BMW i3

Because electric-powered vehicles are not just the wave of the future, but with the BMW/Volkswagen project to add 100 EV charging stations on the two coats they are the vehicles of today. As the first mass-produced electric car from BMW the i3 offers dynamic styling and a great menu of features to fully enjoy what is a very smooth and enjoyable ride. The price of one of these excellent and luxury badged electric cars starts at $43,350 and offers a fuel range of 81 miles on a single charge amounting to a 124 mpg-equivalent.

Toyota Camry

Who doesn’t like and admire a Camry? With a long history of performance and reliability the Camry makes its way to the Super Bowl as a highly recognized leader in its class. For this model year the Camry has taken on some great new interior and exterior refinement and added a ton of amazing technology to be much better than the Camry of yesteryear. As a car that has a history of great resale value many viewers might not get excited for it during the game, but after this car certainly sparks a great deal of interest from a vast crowd. Starting out with a price of $23,795 and showing off with a fuel mileage of 28 mpg the Camry continues to impress us.

Kia Sorento

As the only 2016 model that will be featured during the big game, this excellent SUV is one to admire and maybe pay a little more attention to, especially if you are in the market for a new SUV soon. As one that shows off in style the Sorento makes a great impression and shows up smaller than traditional SUVs like the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander. Offering such niceties as ventilated seats, panoramic moonroof and Nappa leather the Sorento is a great choice at a price that can be very affordable. The starting price for the Sorento comes in at $25,795 and offers a fuel mileage of 23 mpg.

This year, while you are watching the Super Bowl you can offer the party you are with some great education regarding the cars that are being featured during the game. On the other hand, they might not want an education on cars during the game, so you might be better off keeping it to yourself. Either way you will be better educated regarding the cars being featured and able to decide if you are in the market for one or more of them especially since you now know what the starting prices and fuel mileages are for each one.

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