It Looks Like the Golf but…

It Looks Like the Golf but

Volkswagen is looking for every way possible to enter the EV market and begin to bring us a complete lineup of vehicles that are built to provide us with some of the most advanced technology and impressive ways to enjoy the ride. Whether the EV technology, the charging systems offered is or another mobility solution, the team at Volkswagen has their collective eye on the future and it appears to be bright. They’ve begun to develop vehicles that we absolutely want to have when it’s time to see what comes on the market in the future.

One of the models that have shown great promise over the past few years but hasn’t quite caught on as well as VW would like is the e-Golf. With its short EV range and charging time, the EV model of the Golf has been a fantastic way for VW to enter the EV market, but now that we have vehicles with longer ranges, more is expected. Even though the 2017 version can reach as much as 125 miles on a single charge, we already see models from other automakers that can nearly double that number in order to give us a full day of driving that’s untethered for most of our needs.

This is where the new research model that Volkswagen is working on comes in. The new Gen. E research vehicle is an EV model that’s been built on a lightweight architecture to be one that could replace the e-Golf in the future. This car was shown off at the Future Mobility Days event as a quiet release as a concept that could be the future. This car does look like the e-Golf with its hatchback style and feel while showing plenty of futuristic capabilities to make it possible for this car to be what we see next.

The new Gen. E research model is also built to be able to charge using charging robots, which is a concept that will likely make its way to underground garages and multi-story car parks. This will be the solution that many city dwellers look to in order to keep their vehicle charged up and ready to go for the next day. In addition to offering the ability to charge by a robot the new Gen. E research model is expected to have a range of more than 249 miles and uses a ton of crash safe systems to help make sure it will be safe on the road.

While this new model is currently only in concept form and is a research model, it does provide a promising insight into what Volkswagen is working on for the future of driving. The future from Volkswagen is in the EV market and they are looking at every possible way that new models can be built and infrastructures can be put in place. In the meantime, we may see the e-Golf reach the 249-mile range soon to be able to be a worthy competitor on the market with the rest of the new EV models being offered.

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