Luxury and Performance Combine for the 2015 Jaguar XJ Series

2015 Jaguar XJ Series

Are you tired of the same looking luxury models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW? Year after year they seem to show up with a look that has (to their credit) withstood the test of time, but how about something else in this class that is better in some ways and offers a very unique look to it. The new Jaguar XJ is such a car with a look all its own and carrying a badge that has been the envy of many manufacturers for several years. The XJ features the comfort you want in a luxury car, especially if you choose the longer wheelbase of the XJR.

The reputation for Jaguar has been a lack of reliability and ride quality for many years and even though they haven’t entirely closed the gap, they sure have made some huge strides and the XJ now offers a performance that will have you loving the Jaguar and forgetting all about the other guys. Sitting in the leather wrapped interior of the car shows off a full panoramic view of some great features and equipment that will make this car stand out in your mind and give you all the information you could want to drive it wherever you choose.

The Jaguar XJ has a couple really cool features that will quickly become your favorites. One of these is the Meridian audio system which offers concert hall style sound from the 1,300-watt, 26-speaker sound system that makes the ride in the long wheelbase XJR one that will have you feeling as if you are at the concert itself. The standard sound system is a great feature from Meridian as well at 380-watts and 14-speakers, but the higher end one is the way to go if you really want to hear what is going on with the music you are listening to.

Another very nice feature in the XJ is the digital instrument cluster which is taken to the next level across all the instruments on the dashboard. There is a 12.3-inch LCD screen that displaces the tachometer, speedometer and some menus that can be configured to be what you want them to in order to gain all the information you will want to know while you are driving down the road. Having this digital instrumentation gives the feeling driving in the cockpit of a plane instead of behind the wheel of a fairly civilized car on the paved roads.

Inside the XJ is pure luxury with leather everywhere and several different colors and materials to keep the car looking interesting and awesome at the same time. No matter where you are seated in the XJ you will find it comfortable and easy to enjoy in either wheelbase model although you may find people clamoring to be in the rear seats. This is mostly due to the reclining seats and tray tables that fold out (is this an airplane or a car) giving a pleasure cruise to those who are in the back seat of this awesome car.

On the outside the XJ appears pristine with a large chrome front grill and a sloping rear roof line. This overall silhouette of the XJ is that of a car with a distinct presence that can’t be ignored on any road. Your XJ shows off with slanted headlights and large wheels to make the car look powerful and nearly angry with anticipation. With a low hood to roof angle that is enticing as well, the car even shows up with some aerodynamics. As mentioned, there is nothing else like the XJ in its class as it carries a unique look and a stature that will impress even your stodgiest friends.

Of course you aren’t going to be able to buy your XJ for cheap and if you are shopping on the standard end of the spectrum you will be paying around $75,200 for the XJ in the short wheelbase. This price tag will bring you a loaded set of features even at the standard model which shows up with a leather-wrapped dashboard, digital LCD gauges, dynamic suspension damping, blind-spot monitoring, and extra-long panoramic moonroof, the 380-watt 14-speaker Meridian audio system with a hard disc music storage, Anti-Lock Brakes, several safety features and a full complement of airbags.

If you are looking for more from your XJ, the short wheelbase does come in a supercharged model for $91,600 but when moving up to the long wheelbase of the XJR the starting price is $82,200 (AWD can be added to any model for $3,500) which brings you a larger car and several other features. These include adaptive cruise control, a heated windshield, retractable rear window shades, several seating options, massaging front seats, heated and cooled rear seats, an active differential control, upgraded sport seats, several color choices, 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and the 1300-watt 26-speaker Meridian audio system. For those of you who want the XJR in a supercharged model, the price will come in at $94,600.

Having a car that will give great performance to you will simply make your daily drive a pleasure cruise and offer you what you want on the weekends, a great car that allows you to enjoy a great ride through the country or across some mountain passes. The XJ is a great car to give you all that you desire for these drives. The dynamic suspension and highly-responsive steering make it easy to enjoy the ride in the XJ. Add the large brakes that are underneath and stopping becomes an easier task than ever before.

You want a luxury sedan that is a flagship for the automaker but don’t necessarily want one that you have seen over and over again; the Jaguar XJ is the answer to what you want in a car. Whether you choose the regular model or the long wheelbase of the XJR you will be more than pleased every time you step inside and take drive in your luxury car from one of the world’s foremost names in luxury automotive excellence.

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