Luxury Sport Excitement Epitomizes the 2016 BMW Z4

2016 BMW Z4

For several years the Z4 roaster has been a highly admired model from BMW.  The sporty style, luxury features and great performance have made the Z4 a car to be watched and desired.  As a roaster this little car could be one of the best cars to take on a road trip by yourself or with one other person.  No way will you seek out the interstates in this baby, you will be looking to drive on the curviest, windiest roads you can find while you have a great time admiring all the scenery and attractions along the way.

While there may be a perfect road trip across the country with several great destinations, there isn’t always the best car for the job. I’m telling you the Z4 is a one of the best choices and may be the car for you.  Its accommodating for taller drivers and offers enough fuel efficiency that you won’t be putting all your money in the gas tank as you drive along the fun roads laid out before you and stop at some of the most interesting destinations which give a feel of the local appeal along with the romance of the scenery you can find.

Obviously if this is going to be the right car for your road trip it has to be a great drive.  The Z4 is a car that is easy and fun to drive on any road.  Even though the trunk is small it has room for you to pack a few things and enjoy your drive.  The dynamics of the sporty car allow you to feel confident taking curves at speeds and enjoying the way the car responds to every driving situation.  With this road trip in your future you will enjoy the drive just as much as the scenery, giving you a full experience every day.

Adding to the driving experience are two features that must make this drive better for you.  Firs is the folding hardtop, which is much better than the soft tops some convertibles use.  The quiet interior is great when the top is on and the automatic folding only takes twenty seconds to let you enjoy the fresh air around you on the open road.  The second important feature to make your fun even better is the adaptive M suspension.  This suspension allows you to choose between Normal, Sport and Sport+ in order to get the right mode for the drive you have ahead of you.

If you are going to head out on the road you want to be sure the car is going to be comfortable to drive.  The interior of the Z4 gives you a two-seat comfort seating that is great  for taller and wider drivers as well as those who are smaller in stature.  The materials are all luxury on the inside and feel great, giving you the feeling of a ride you will certainly enjoy.  There is room behind the seats for a small bag that you may need to be able to reach while on the road, making it a car that is well suited for a long drive.

We don’t want to send you on a road trip in an ugly vehicle and the Z4 is certainly not ugly at all.  This amazing Roadster is luxury on the inside and out.  The dual kidney grills and smooth long hood give an easy transition to the small windshield and rounded body style.  This car resembles some of the roasters of old in a lot of ways, but offers a modern look that just catches your eye and keeps you looking.

Even though this is a great car for a road trip, you are certainly making a commitment with this vehicle.  The Z4 starts out in the sDrive28i at a price just over $50,000.  This version will give you the best fuel mileage at nearly 34 mpg on the highway depending upon the transmission chosen.  The sDrive35i with its six-cylinder engine shows up at $58,000 but gains more power but much less fuel mileage as it tops out at 26 mpg on the highway.  The sDrive35is is the top of the line and starts around $67,000 but offers 335 horsepower and a fuel number that is at 24 mpg on the highway.  The Z4 can come out around $75,000 when all features are added and even though that is a high price, its less than the Porsche Boxster by about $10,000.  Whatever your choice for a great drive for your awesome road trip that you will hopefully want to take more than once, the Z4 makes a great choice and lets you have what you want in a great car that is a lot of fun on the open road.

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