Your M3 Didn’t Start Out as a Road Car

09.12.16 - 2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3

Do you know what the M3 was originally made for? It was a car that was specially designed as a homologation to be entered into a specific racing series. This car was to participate in the World European and German Touring Championship (DTM) and eventually developed into something much larger. In fact, the fact that the 3-Series was chosen over other models is significant of the balance and prestige this car had already earned, but now that the M3 has been around a while we might have something to celebrate.

The M3 as we know it which eventually was expanded and created and entire division at BMW which was aptly named BMW Motorsport GmbH and has since been renamed the BMW M GmbH is now celebrating its thirtieth year in existence. The car that is considered the best driving car on the planet has been prowling our roads for thirty years and BMW want to celebrate the street sports car that was originally meant for the track. How are they going to celebrate such an amazing accomplishment? With a special edition of the car that will be offered in limited quantities of course.

The BMW M3 anniversary will be celebrated with the 2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 limited edition model which will be limited to only 500 cars worldwide. This limitation will mean only a handful of people in the world will be able to purchase this car and thankfully a good number of them will make it to the US market. In fact, there will be 150 of these cars earmarked for our shores to celebrate this occasion at the cost of $84,245 which may make this the most expensive M3 every to be built. If you want one with the dual clutch automatic transmission added to it you will have to pay an extra $2,900, but that might be worth it for the performance value.

The Jahre edition will feature only one color, Macao Blue Metallic which is the same color that was used in the European premier of the M3. On the inside the car will show off BMW Individual Full Merino leather upholstery in a two toned manner with Black and Fjord Blue with color matching contrasting seams. The exterior receives some accents with High Gloss Shadow used to trim the kidney grill frame and the sport exhaust system will be decked out with black chrome tips.

Under the hood you would want some extra oomph, especially if you’re going to pay the additional cost of a special edition model, and BMW has given it to you. The power has been increased to 444 horsepower and 406 lb.-ft. of torque while this edition will also have the Competition Package and the Adaptive M suspension underneath. The car will ride on 20-inch forged light alloy wheels and be capable of reaching sixty mph in four seconds with the manual transmission while shaving that number to 3.8 seconds with the dual clutch automatic.

There will be unique “30 Jahre M3” emblems on the car and embroidered into the cabin. This will make for a fitting tribute to a car that has become one of the most admired and enjoyed driving machines in the world. Sales will start soon and we only have 150 in the US so if you want one you should act quickly.

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