Mercedes-AMG is Building Something Awesome

12.19.16 - Mercedes-AMG GT

If you’re a fan of Mercedes-AMG, you might think everything they build is awesome, and for the most part you’d be right, but this is something completely different. We’ve seen companies build vehicles that cross barriers and blend technologies together. These “frankencars” have become some of the most admired vehicles that have been built in a mad scientist manner with components that were probably never meant to be put together, but somehow work so well together. It seems the entire automotive market looks at cars and what they do to simple say “how can that work for us” and then they figure it out.

This brings us to the hybrid vehicles on the market today. First we had the Prius from Toyota as the most popular hybrid on the market which continues to be the leader in the market. Sports car brands such as Porsche have found ways to make hybrid cool by adding electric motors to separate wheels or axles to add more power and higher efficiency. What Mercedes-AMG is working toward is a hypercar that will be as efficient at a Prius while delivering on the performance we expect from this pairing so that we can have an amazing car to drive.

Now we bring in Formula 1. Yes, the racing organization with some of the fastest cars on the planet. These cars aren’t allowed on the street, but Mercedes-AMG is going to change that with a car that offers parts and features that come from Formula 1 while making sure this new hypercar will meet the challenges of cold starts and lower octane fuel which isn’t part of the racing circuit. This means we will see a hyper car with an electric turbo, electric motors, and an engine that all come from F1 racing but have the ability to offer the boost and idle that can handle real world driving.

This new Mercedes-AMG hypercar is expected to have the forty percent thermal efficiency we find in the hybrid models of the Prius and Hyundai Ioniq while using a small engine. This car is expected to be powered by a 1.6-liter V6 engine that actually has this heat efficiency while reaching a redline of over 10,000 rpm and providing nearly 1,000 horsepower. This will be an amazing feat and one that you want to see and enjoy in this new frankencar that’s going to be built by Mercedes-AMG.

The expected price for this new car will be nearly $2 million, so you can either get out your checkbook or put it away. The plan is to build between 200 and 300 of these hypercars and begin the delivery of them in 2019. Right now, all of the planned production is already spoken for, so even if you wanted this car you’d have to put your checkbook away because you wouldn’t be able to buy one unless Mercedes-AMG decides to expand the production numbers. Either way, this will be an impressive car for us to admire as the performance and efficiency leader in the hypercar market.

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