A New Name for Our Market

09.06.16 - Skoda Logo

There have been rumors but those rumors seem to be catching quite a bit of momentum and are about to turn into full-fledged truths. The rumor is Skoda may become a name you get to know on our roads as early as 2017, which would make for a huge impact in the high volume market in the US. This news came earlier in the year when it was reported that Skoda was trademarking names in the US, which would only need to be done if the company planned to enter our market and begin to sell vehicles, but why now?

Now is the right time for Skoda to be in the US because it is another version of Volkswagen that would have a fresh look new name and give the Volkswagen Group an untapped market for the brand. As a part of the Volkswagen Group Skoda is a grand that is already being sold in 102 countries around the world, but the largest market is the North American market where nearly everyone drives at some point in their lives. As a market that has so far been untapped, it will be important that Skoda hit the ground running with a great lineup.

The lineup that are currently part of Skoda include a Citigo minicar, Fabia hatchback and wagon, Rapid sedan and hatchback, Octavia sedan and wagon, Superb sedan and wagon and the Yet compact crossover. A new model, the Kodiaq is expected to be shown at the Paris Motor Show later this year and a new compact crossover to replace the Yeti is already under development. The names Skoda already filed patents for in the US include Superb, Ocavia, Yeti, Spaceback, Rapid, Fabia and H-Tec. As you can see there are a couple names in there that are not part of the current lineup.

Skoda is a Czech automaker, which would be a new venture for the US market. Other than the US their expansion plans include Iran, Singapore and South Korea and many others. Skoda was able to make 569,000 deliveries through the end of June of this year, which is already a 4.6 percent increase over last year, all without the US market as a place where they sell their vehicles. The decision to entire the market should be finalized by next year and if Skoda comes to the US they intend to be here at least until 2025, giving them a good amount of time to build a reputation.

Will you want a Skoda vehicle? You just might. We may see the Skoda Fabia as the most popular choice with the Yeti carrying the load for the SUV part of the market. Your neighbors may be ready to buy a Superb wagon and you may even want to enjoy the Rapid sedan, but it’s going to depend upon how these cars match up with the market we already have. I imagine we will see Skoda in the US soon and if their products are as good as what we already have from the Volkswagen Group they will catch on quickly and be some of the most popular models you can buy.

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