A New Racer from Volkswagen

04.12.16 - Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

The Golf Race Car concept was shown off at many different auto shows last year and apparently there was enough of a following that this car has now been made into a full-fledged racer by using a name we know and love. The name used is that of the GTI which makes us feel at awe of the car that now will make its way to race tracks that customers choose for it to show off in a way that we all want to admire.

This new racer version of the GTI is called the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR and its definitely not the car you enjoy on the road, but it does have some similar characteristics. The GTI TCR is heavily modified to have a much wider and lower stance and it wears a huge rear wing, features large vents and scoops and with the GTI badge adds some attractive red trim along the front to prominently show of the GTI badge and make the car look even better. While you may love the GTI you have in your driveway, this new track ready version is one that could blow your mind and give you the ride of your life.

Although you might expect the engine and other mechanical parts to be changed out, Volkswagen has not done this at all. This race car makes use of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 330 horsepower in a FWD setup that is mated to a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The aerodynamics are improved as is the downforce of the car with the rear wing and front splitter that truly do give this car the look and feel of an impressive racing machine that can whip around the track with ease and quickness to be an impressive contender in many races.

The interior of the new racing GTI is stripped down as expected and fitted with the right safety equipment for racing. This includes a full safety cage and a racing seat that is equipped with head protectors. There is no doubt at all what this car is and how it’s meant to be driven as well as where it should make its home.

As much excitement as I have given you for this awesome new racing car in the form of the GTI it seems if you were ready to purchase one you would be out of luck. Volkswagen chose to only make twenty of these car and all of them have already been sold to teams that are preparing for the FIA’s 2016 Tour car Racing International series which is where the TCR moniker in the name comes from. I guess this means if you want to enjoy this car in all its racing glory you have to witness it at one of the many events that will take place throughout the year. You should check out the schedule of the events and make a plan to go see this car in action, its sure to be a huge crowd pleaser wherever its racing.

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