New Ram Trucks are Coming

02.01.17 - Ram 1500

The Ram pickup truck with its large big rig front end has been around for a long time. Originally sold under the Dodge brand, the Ram brand was created for the truck fleet of FCA and has been a huge success. Time and again the Ram 1500 has been an award winning truck that offers up tons of equipment and capability for us to enjoy the ride. The only drawback to the Ram truck lineup right now is the fact that its aging and with a new generation it’s time for Ram to embrace a few changes that can be made to improve this truck brand.

When we see the new Ram on the market it will be a new 2019 model, as long as all goes well. The production is set to begin in January of 2018, which means we should see this new truck show up at auto shows around the world later this year. The new Ram will be built at the Sterling Heights assembly plant and is expected to offer better fuel mileage and use lighter materials in the build. There will be some steel, as you would expect, but this new Ram should be sleeker and offer a more efficient design.

One of the main changes you’ll see will be a new grill which isn’t expected to be as tall as the current ones. This will allow the trucks to improve their aerodynamics and create a look that feels quicker and more efficient on the road. The crosshair look of a Dodge is also expected to return but the truck will be a Ram brand and carry the name and look across the badging. the rear tailgate will continue to be massive and carry the brand name in large letters making it clear what brand this truck is.

Under the hood only the base models will have the six-speed automatic transmissions. The other models will have an eight-speed automatic shifting that will make them more efficient. This new Ram will also have a direct injection engine in the V6 models and the start-stop system will be used across the entire lineup. The Pentastar engine will be able to increase power to 320 horsepower with some of these changes which will include more low end torque for the ride. The 5.7-liter Hemi engine will continue to be a staple of the Ram truck lineup, giving us a familiar performer in this new truck.

The Ram trucks of old were some of the largest we had in the light duty market and it seems that’s the direction this new Ram is headed. there have been many photos captured of a larger cap with more capacity, wider door openings and a look that makes the new Ram feel like an imposing performer. One of the most impressive items being discussed is the possibility of a fold flat center and rear seats. This could create a flat floor to give you more loading space on the inside of the cab when you own a crew cab model of the new Ram.

From all shared information it seems the new Ram is going to be a serious improvement over what we already have on the market. The project called DT will turn into the new Ram and be ready for us to give our opinion sometime in the near future. If you know you’re going to be in the market for a new truck in the next few years, the development of the new Ram is certainly something to pay attention to. This could be the next truck you buy and enjoy for the work and the load it’s supposed to provide along with some impressive new features.

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