Not Just a Tesla Challenger; a True Tesla Killer

11.28.16 - NIO EP9

For the past few years there have been several Chinese companies that have been interested and researching how to make an EV that can go faster. Some investors from this area have put their money into American companies while others have developed on their own. It seems we now have an EV that is actually faster than the Tesla Model S P100D. If that’s the case then this new model has taken down the EV giant, Tesla, which won’t be kept down for long. Let’s take a look at what this new car is.

The car is called the NIO EP9 and it comes from the Chinese automaker NextEV. NIO is a new global brand and the EP9 is the initial offering of this car in order to give us a car that’s going to be the amazing supercar that’s an EV from this company that will make us all stand up and cheer. This offering from NIO is being called a visionary electric car brand and this car will certainly make it hard to argue its dominance in the market of EV models going forward.

This car ran around Nurburgring in 7:05/12 which is faster than the Nissan GT-R NISMO and is the fasted lap for any EV model around this lauded track. The EP9 also set a new record at Circuit Paul Ricard in France with a time of 1:57.78 which was a lot faster than the previous record which was 2:40.

The EP9 is a car that can seat two people, offers 4WD and is completely EV to give you 1,341 horsepower while weighing in at 3,825 pounds. This gives you the time to reach sixty mph of less than 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 195 mph. This car can also reach a full quarter mile in 10.1 seconds at 155 mph, making it one seriously fast car.

There are four motors and four gearboxes, torque vectoring and a range of 265 miles on a single charge. This car has been built to FIA LMP1 safety standards to be a car that can perform well out on the track to give you a car that’s amazing to drive out on the track while keeping you protected as well. Is this the car that’s going to take down Tesla or will it be one that is fit into a niche part of the market?

It’s hard to say where you’ll see this car or if there will be more vehicles offered from NIO, but this is simply the way the company is breaking into the world to show you an amazing car to drive. The NIO EP9 is a car that will impress us and make it hard to look at Tesla the same way again. It’s probably a good thing Tesla is about to launch the Model 3 because this is a car that will seriously give the brand a challenge and shows us the perfect EV supercar model for all of us to admire.

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