Now Your Camaro will be a Little Cheaper

11.14.16 - Chevrolet Camaro

Don’t tell me you don’t love a great deal. When you want to buy a vehicle you know you look for value and try hard to get the most you can for your money, which is exactly what you should do. With this in mind, one company has taken their sports car and made it even more affordable for you so that you can have a car that’s what you expect it to be but comes in at a price that’s a little lower than it was last year. Amazingly, this company is Chevrolet and the car in question is the Camaro.

For the first time in several months, the Camaro outsold the Mustang and Chevrolet would love to keep that trend going. One way to do this is to lower the price of the base model of a vehicle so that it becomes more affordable. Chevrolet has done this in a way that makes perfect sense and allows you to enjoy the savings when you buy your new Camaro. What they did was take the 1LS model for 2017 and offer it with only the six-speed manual transmission. By doing this they were able to bring the price to $26,900 for the coupe and $32,900 for the convertible which is a savings of $400 to start with.

If this was where this story ended it wouldn’t be much to talk about at all, but they went even further with the Camaro to save you money. The 1LT version will now only be offered with the automatic transmission and will come to you at a starting price of $27,595 for the coupe and $33,595 for the convertible. This is a savings of $1,200 which is much more significant of a savings to give you a way to enjoy the amazing performance of this car at a much better price.

Not only did these changes streamline the Camaro and make it easier for you to shop the lineup, but it put these two base models at a lower price point than the Mustang at the base models. Being lower than the Mustang in cost should help to keep the Camaro at a sales number that will be able to keep it leading the way ahead of its blue oval rival, but these pricing changes aren’t all Chevrolet has done to make the Camaro more affordable and enticing than the Mustang.

The folks at Chevrolet have offered $2,000 in conquest cash to current Mustang owners if they move over to Chevrolet and choose the Camaro. Of course, Ford responded with a similar offer to those who leased their Mustangs in 2013 or 2014, but the sales of the Mustang have dropped 32 percent year over year which has caused the assembly to slow down of this sports car. That leaves room for the Camaro to continue to improve sales and work to dominate the market of the pony car and with the price breaks and incentives, this is a serious reality for the bow tie brand.

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