Off Roading Tips from the Experts at the Land Rover Experience Driving School

Land Rover Experience Driving School

With four schools in North America located in North Carolina, California, Vermont and Quebec, the Land Rover Company has brought some of the most sensible driving instruction to the US for off road driving.  For those of us who have never actually driven a real off road vehicle in the wilderness, just hearing the advice given by these experts seems so simple really, but the application of the tips is more difficult than you might think.  Here are four of the main tips from the Land Rover Experience Driving School which will help when you are driving off road to keep you safe and help save your life.

Keep Your Thumbs Outside the Steering Wheel

As simple as it sounds, the idea of keeping your thumbs from moving to the interior of the steering wheel can be difficult.  It can be especially challenging for those of us who typically drive with our hands on the inside using one of the spokes to do the steering.  The reason for the thumbs outside is the prevent injury to your thumbs in case of a bump or twist of the wheels that turns the steering wheel and gets your thumbs caught in the spokes.

Keep Your Hands at the 9 and 3 Position with them never crossing 12

Another great safety tip that is really difficult to execute.  The reason for this is to protect you in case the air bag deploys.  If your hand is across the airbag and it deploys you are not going to get the airbag to the face, you instead will get a huge punch in the face from your own fist.  The choice is yours, but before going off road for the first time you might want to practice driving with your hands at 9 and 3 and never crossing 12 in order to save yourself from one really painful punch from your own fist.

Steer in Small Increments

Off roading is all about the journey and the destination. Nothing has to be a huge twist or turn of the wheel.  By being extra cautious and making sure you don’t overdo it with the steering of your vehicle you can help ensure you stay securely on the trail and not off the side in a ditch or worse, falling down a cliff.  there is nothing wrong with sticking your head out the window to see how your wheels look to make sure your steering is adequate for the terrain and trail.

Go Slow

Travelling off road can give you the pleasure of enjoying the scenery along the way.  These trails and paths are not improved to be made for a race down them and without the knowledge of what is on the other side of a crest you can easily cause harm to yourself and your vehicle when you don’t drive slowly enough.  There is no such thing as too slow when you are out in the wilderness so take your time and enjoy the ride along the paths and trails so you can return home safely.

With these four tips you can be more certain you are ready to take on the challenges that may face you out in the trails and in the remote areas of the country.  Take it easy and enjoy the ride, which is really what off roading all is about anyway.  If you have the right vehicle for the job, it will do the work to get you where you are going and bring you home safely with plenty of great stories to tell and pictures to show.

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