Are There Any Original Thoughts Left

05.31.17 - Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Whether you think a copycat of something else is annoying or want to find out if the new version is actually better than the previous one the curiosity might get the better of you. Think about it, how many Spider-Man movies have we had, how many times can they remake Batman and do we really need more Star Wars? Movies aren’t the only place where we see things copied in an effort to have more technology than before. Even the more powerful versions of the cars we love have been repeated and copied over time.

One of the most admired cars on the road today is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat with its 707 horsepower, but this car isn’t the first time we’ve seen an insane amount of power that was able to take the mantle and run with it. The Hellcat may have been the most powerful car that Dodge has ever created, but there was another car at another time that gave us the power we admired and was well ahead of the rest when it came to the numbers produced for the insane track oriented drive that we loved to enjoy.

Keep in mind that power numbers from the late 1970s until the middle of the 2000s were much lower than they are now. Only in the past few years have we learned how to use hybrid technology, turbocharging and supercharging in a way that produces the massive amount of power we want to enjoy on the road. This means that most of the power we saw came out of naturally aspirated models with very few using these boosted performance numbers over the years. Those that did take advantage of what they could gain from added performance parts did receive a power boost, but not to the numbers we see today.

The original supercharged model that was the predecessor to the Hellcat, even though it came from a different company, was the Ford Mustang. This wasn’t just any Mustang either, this was the Mustang Cobra from 2003 which used a supercharged engine to offer the power needed. This car was the most powerful at the time and was called the Terminator, a name given to it by the engineers that worked hard to make sure this car would be able to offer the amazing amount of impressive power for the drive.

The Terminator was powered by a ford induction engine which was a 4.6-liter V8 engine which offered up 390 horsepower. This was an awesome number for the time this car was built and certainly was more than any other muscle car at the time it was built. This was the first supercharged muscle car that came from one of the Detroit big three and that makes it the predecessor to the Hellcat that we know and love on the market today. This is the car that gave the idea to build such an insane muscle car in today’s world.

While this 390 horsepower is a number that you can get form a Mustang that has four-cylinders under the hood in the market today and we see muscle cars that make as much as 650 horsepower the fact that the Hellcat and now the Demon came from a car that was built several years ago makes the copycat idea one that we can enjoy and admire. Just because we see the next version of something as the way it will be built and enjoyed doesn’t mean a new model won’t be better than what we see today. Embrace the lack of original ideas, enjoy the evolution of products over the years by, and watch this video from TheSmokingTire.

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