Others have done it, Why Not Toyota?

10.14.16 - 1998 Toyota Supra

One of the cars that has come from Toyota in the history of the company that we talk about and long for its return is the Supra. This car was the sports car that everyone wanted to drive, tuners wanted to get their hands on and was able to win tons of awards when it was on the market. Unfortunately Toyota cancelled the Supra for several years and has only recently revealed that a successor to the Supra is what we will have on the market again in the near future.

The announcement of collaboration between Toyota and BMW has brought us to learn the two companies are working to make two separate cars that will each carry the badge of one company or the other. While we also know the BMW name, which will be the Z5, the Toyota model is expected to resurrect the Supra name and give us a car that we can once again love to drive. The FT-1 concept that showed up at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show is the basis of the new Supra and it’s finally been seen testing at the BMW M Test Center near Nurburgring.

Watching this short video will give you an idea of the style of the new Supra which is of a great looking but not overdone sports car. Even the swirling camouflage can’t hide the look of this car. The interesting part of the video has more to do with the actual sound of the car though. This is a car that sounds like it may have a six-cylinder engine under the hood, but as it starts to move you can hear the whirring sound of an electric motor, which certainly could be the case with this new car.

Many other cars have been made with electric motors underneath and some supercars even make use of this technology to go along with the powerful gasoline engines that make them true supercars. When this is the case we admire the impressive power numbers these cars can put out, so why not Toyota and BMW? Toyota is the most impressive pioneer in the world of hybrid motors and electric driving and could easily be the leader needed to make a new Supra with the power of both gasoline and electrification to be the right combination of energies into one propulsion system.

We still have time to discuss what this car actually will be when it arrives on the market since it’s not scheduled for return until 2019, but once you see this video you won’t be able to get that electric motor sound out of your head and the numbers you’ll think of could be staggering. Will these two cars offer the same power and speed as a Nissan GT-R or are we going to see something more subdued that that from this collaboration? With all the news and expectation surrounding this marriage it seems like these two cars need to make a huge showing in order to let us feel like this was worth the effort. I guess we’ll get to learn more as we near that model year date of 2019, until then we can sit back and wonder what this car has to offer.

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