Even when it’s Cold Outside; Warming up Your Car is bad for Your Engine

01.18.17 - Cold Car

Nearly every piece of conventional wisdom has gone out the window over the years because of the changes in technology. Even so, many of us still prescribe to old suggestions and bits of knowledge that were part of automotive care in the past. It’s time to begin to forget anything you knew about cars of the past, especially if you have a car that’s been built in the past decade or so. Today, cars don’t need some of the same care items as we gave them in the past.

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Burnouts are Cool But…

01.18.17 - Car Burning Out

Learning how to make your car perform some of the actions we see on racetracks with the most talented drivers in the world is always a lot of fun. Who among us hasn’t tried to turn donuts in a parking lot or to perform burnouts when leaving from a scene. These dramatic ways to drive a car are testosterone driven ways to have a lot of fun in a car, but there has to be some control in place when you consider performing anything that’s going to create more heat and friction than normal.  If you are going to make this mistake and should you need to work on your engine after wrecking it, make sure you use Genuine Parts to do so.

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Is There a Merger on the Horizon?

01.17.17 - FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne

Two years ago FCA put together a proposal to merge with GM and create the largest automotive company in the world that would be American based. Their proposal was quickly rejected by GM and hasn’t really been a topic of discussion for the past couple years. With new changes in the leadership of the country this merger could be back on the table and could be a possibility, especially with the new position that FCA finds itself in financially. Will there be a merger between these two companies, let’s take a look and see what the ramifications could be.

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The Future of Infiniti is Coming

01.14.17 - Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti is the luxury arm of Nissan and it’s a brand we’ve trusted for years to give us exceptional style and performance in vehicles that are perfect for the ride and offer us the dynamics we want. If you want comfort, quality and style in your luxury vehicle, the engineering inside an Infiniti vehicle can give you everything you want to enjoy on the road. As this brand advances and continues to make the improvements we want to see on the automotive market we may be in for a serious treat when it comes to what Infiniti has coming for us in the future.

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Sometimes You Really Have to Watch Out

01.11.17 - White Rhino

When we get behind the wheel to drive out on the roads in our area we have certain expectations. If it’s raining, snowing or icy out we expect to see more accidents than normal and need to take our time as we travel on the roads. On sunny days when the roads are dry we expect people around us to drive like normal and be able to handle the challenge of being on the road with care. The desire is that we can get where we want to go on time when we’re out on the roads, especially if everything is normal.

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You Just Crashed, Now What

01.11.17 - Minor Car Crash

Most of us don’t expect to be in a wreck at any time in our driving on the road but we see accidents on a daily basis during our commutes to and from work. This means someone else who probably headed out for the day without any thought of being in an accident, found themselves in a crash. Unfortunately accidents do happen every single day and it’s important that you know what to do when you’re in an accident. There are some things you need to do and others that you don’t in order to help the authorities and the insurance companies do their job better for you.

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The New Hyundai Brand is Already Expanding

01.10.17 - Genesis G80

For 2017 Hyundai has taken the bold plunge and put its luxury models into their own brand, named after the most popular luxury car in its segment, the Genesis. This new Genesis brand brings us two great models for 2017, the G80 and the G90. The G80 has been built of the previous Hyundai Genesis lineup and the G90 is the new derivative of the Equus luxury sedan. These two do make a formidable place to start a brand that has plans to move into the SUV segment in the near future, but we have already been presented with a new addition to the lineup.

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The Transition in the Market Doesn’t Scare Chevrolet

01.10.17 - Chevrolet Malibu

Over the past several years we’ve seen the market of vehicles move from the sedans to the crossover SUV and recently this larger vehicle market have actually outsold the sedan market for the first time. Even though this is the case, Chevrolet isn’t backing away from their sedans at all as they continue to have confidence this segment of the market will give vehicles that are perfect for many drivers, considering this has typically been the largest segment of vehicles when it comes to sales. The thought is that it took a long time for the sales to grow to the point they were and it will take even longer for the sales to completely fade away.

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Trucks for the Mud You Wish You Had

01.09.17 - The SHERP

While most truck can handle some trails and even a little bit of mud the thought of a truck that’s practically amphibious is one that has us excited. In our nation heading off road into areas where the mud gets deep and water can swirl around you is a luxury but in some countries it necessary to cross an area after a rainstorm that’s been put under water. Having a truck that can cross these areas makes a huge difference in bringing supplies and food to those on the other side of that region, but these trucks are also ones we’d like to have in the US to enjoy the fun of crossing areas of deeper mud and muck.

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Another Way Google is Getting into Self-Driving Cars

01.09.17 - Waymo Self-Driving Car

While the project that was the Google self-driving car is now headed to the new company called Waymo, it will still be a sibling to Google under the Alphabet umbrella of companies. This car has logged more miles than Uber or Lyft combined when it comes to self-driving with over 2.3 million miles on the road and a large number of impressive situations that have made it possible for these cars to have brought back data that is able to better understand human driving and make changes based upon what many drivers will do on the road.

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